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Tracklist 1. Beautiful Future 2. Can’t Go Back 3. Uptown 4. The Glory Of Love 5. Suicide Bomb 6. Zombie Man 7. Beautiful Summer 8. I Love To Hurt (You Love To Be Hurt) 9. Over & Over 10. Necro Hex Blues 11. The Glory Of Love (Single Version)

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Tracklist 1. Snake 2. 100 Million 3. Way Too Long 4. Turned Away 5. Real Life 6. We Don’t Care 7. Face In A Cloud 8. The Tyson Shuffle 9. The Things 10. Veteran 11. The Snow 12. I Go To Your House 13. Hit The Ceiling 14.1 Ego War 14.2 Somewhere In The Middle

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Tracklist 1. Native Belle 2. Hey Light 3. Infant Dressing Table 4. Panic 5. Two Sails On A Sound 6. Slippi 7. Too Soon

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Tracklist A1. Working Machine A2. Circuit Break B1. Time Of No Time B2. No More Wires

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Tracklist A1. Your Need A2. Sky Kisses A3. Why Love A4. Lugovoy (November Dub) A5. Bounce 2 B1. Kiska B2. Your Need (Deep Mix) B3. LED B4. City Track B5. Ivan Kupala (New Day)

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Tracklist A1. Dark Spring A2. Pay No Mind A3. Lemon Glow A4. L’Inconnue A5. Drunk In LA A6. Dive B1. Black Car B2. Lose Your Smile B3. Woo B4. Girl Of The Year B5. Last Ride

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Double embossed gatefold sleeve with metallic ink. Includes a 12-page silver booklet, a 24×36 inch double-sided poster, and a download code. Each side concludes with a bonus track not listed on the release preceded by a short burst of silence (possibly with added vinyl crackle sound effects). Side A contains a completely new track followed by ambience while Side B contains a short distorted snippet of ‘Lifeline’ followed by a distorted instrumental version of ‘Oh Yeah’. © 2020 Personal Computer Music.

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Tracklist Bahçada Yeşil Çınar Ordunun Dereleri Bulunur Mu Hey Nari Yüce Dağ Başında Kesik Çayır Arda Boyları Kara Toprak Sevda Olmasaydı Maçka Yolları Yekte Esmerim Güzelim

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Tracklist Nocturnal 6:45 Omen 3:50 Holding On 5:15 Hourglass 5:24 Willing & Able 4:53 Magnets 3:19 Jaded 4:35 Good Intentions 4:42 Superego 4:34 Echoes 5:09 Masterpiece 4:02

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Tracklist A1 Outer Bongolia A2 Intervals B1 Barock-Plastik B2 Nomus Et Phusis B3 I Feel The Air (Of Another Planet) C1 Household Names C2 Retrograde Mirror Form C3 Solar Throw-Away [Original Version] C4 Pandora’s Box Of Worms C5 L’exotisme Intérieur D1 The Super-It D2 Jump Drive Shout-Out D3 Explosante Fixe D4 Fried Monkey Eggs [Instrumental] [...]

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Tracklist A The Harbinger Of Spring B1 Rite Of The Maypole – An Unruly Procession B2 Invocation Of A Midsummer Reverie B3 The Liminal Space

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Triple Vinyl Tracklist There is Love In You A1. Angel Echoes A2. Love Cry   B1. Circling B2. Pablo’s Heart B3. Sing     C1. This Unfolds C2. Reversing   D1. Plastic People D2. She Just Likes To Fight   There Is Love In You Remixes E1. Love Cry E2. Sing   F1. Angel Echoes [...]

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Einstürzende Neubauten released Alles In Allem in 2020

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Heaven to a Tortured Mind is the fourth studio album by American experimental electronic artist Yves Tumor, released April 3, 2020.

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This another great album by Oneohtrix Point Never features The Weeknd on single “No Nightmares”

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SIGN is the fourteenth studio album by British electronic music duo Autechre. It was announced by Warp Records on 2 September 2020 via their Twitter page, and was released on 16 October 2020. The cover and packaging artwork was created by The Designers Republic.The album was broadcast for the first time on 8 October on [...]