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Limited Edition 3D Holographic Experience! Tracklist A1. Out For The Glory A2. Fear Of The Fallen B1. Best Time B2. Mass Pollution B3. Angels C1. Rise Without Chains C2. Indestructible D1. Robot King D2. Cyanide E1. Orbit E2. Skyfall F1. Down In The Dumps F2. Golden Times F3. Save My Hide

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Tracklist 1. Go 2. Nine Lives 3. C’mon C’mon 4. Love 5. Tomorrow 6. Cruise Control 7. Hallucinate 8. Only The Good Die Young 9. Bad Actress 10. Come Undone 11. Gotta Let It Go

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Tracklist A1. This Ain’t The Summer Of LoveA2. True ConfessionsA3. (Don’t Fear) The ReaperA4. E.T.I. Extra Terrestrial IntelligenceA5. The Revenge Of Vera Gemini B1. Sinful LoveB2. Tattoo VampireB3. Morning FinalB4. TenderloinB5. Debbie Denise

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All the hits you need in one package, a 2021 reissue

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Tracklist 1. Subdivisions 2. The Analog Kid 3. Chemistry 4. Digital Man 5. The Weapon 6. New World Man 7. Losing It 8. Countdown

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Tracklist 1. One Little Victory (Remix) 2. Dreamline 3. Workin’ Them Angels 4. Presto 5. Bravado 6. Driven 7. The Pass 8. Animate 9. Roll The Bones 10. Ghost Of A Chance (Live) 11. Nobody’s Hero 12. Leave That Thing Alone 13. Earthshine (Remix) 14. Far Cry

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Tracklist A1. All My Life A2. Best Of You A3. Everlong A4. The Pretender B1. My Hero B2. Learn To Fly B3. Times Like These B4. Monkey Wrench C1. Big Me C2. Breakout C3. Long Road To Ruin C4. This Is A Call D1. Skin And Bones D2. Wheels D3. Word Forward D4. Everlong (Acoustic)

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“Presence” is the seventh studio album by Led Zeppelin, released by Swan Song Records on 31 March 1976. The cover, inside sleeve and back of the album feature various images of people with a black obelisk-shaped object. Inside the album sleeve the item is referred to simply as “The Object” aka “The Obelisk”. It was [...]

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Tracklist A1 City Song A2 Long Road, No Turns B1 Satan In The Wait B2 The Flammable Man B3 The Lords Song C1 Less Sex C2 Daughter C3 The Reason They Hate Me D1 Ocean Song D2 Guest House

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Tracklist 1. Arabian Disco 2. We Care A Lot (Slash Version) 3. Anne’s Song 4. Introduce Yourself 5. From Out Of Nowhere 6. Epic 7. Falling To Pieces 8. War Pigs 9. The Cowboy Song 10. As The Worm Turns (Live, 1990) 11. Midlife Crisis 12. A Small Victory 13. Be Agressive 14. Easy 15. [...]

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A 2021 remastered reissue of Melvins' debut on lime green vinyl

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Tracklist A1 I Know How To Die A2 Damage Case A3 Stay Clean A4 Metropolis B5 Over The Top B6 Doctor Rock B7 String Theory B8 The Chase Is Better Than The Catch C9 Rock It C10 You Better Run C11 The One To Sing The Blues C12 Going To Brazil D13 Killed By Death [...]

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Tracklist A1 Sweet Leaf A2 After Forever A3 Embryo (Instrumental) A4 Children Of The Grave B1 Orchid (Instrumental) B2 Lord Of This World B3 Solitude B4 Into The Void

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Tracklist 1. Number With No Name 2. Up To You Now 3. Shimmer & Shine 4. Lay There & Hate Me 5. Why Must You Always Dress In Black 6. Skin Thin 7. Fly One Time 8. Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart) 9. Boots Like These 10. The Word Suicide 11. Faithfully [...]

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Tracklist 1. Gonna See My Friend 2. Got Some 3. The Fixer 4. Johnny Guitar 5. Just Breathe 6. Amongst The Waves 7. Unthought Known 8. Supersonic 9. Speed Of Sound 10. Force Of Nature 11. The End

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Tracklist 1. Down On The Street 2. Loose 3. T.V. Eye 4. Dirt 5. 1970 6. Fun House 7. L.A. Blues