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Tracklist Enter Sandman 5:29 Sad But True 5:24 Holier Than Thou 3:47 The Unforgiven 6:26 Wherever I May Roam 6:42 Don’t Tread On Me 3:59 Through The Never 4:01 Nothing Else Matters 6:29 Of Wolf And Man 4:16 The God That Failed 5:05 My Friend Of Misery 6:47 The Struggle Within 3:51

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50th Anniversary 180g Vinyl. Tracklist A1. Black Sabbath A2. The Wizard A3. Behind The Wall Of Sleep A4. N.I.B. B1. Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me) B2. Sleeping Village B3. Warning

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Tracklist A1 Hole In The Sky 4:01 A2 Don’t Start (Too Late) 0:49 A3 Symptom Of The Universe 6:29 A4 Megalomania 9:46 B1 Thrill Of It All 5:55 B2 Supertzar 3:42 B3 Am I Going Insane (Radio) 4:13 B4 The Writ 8:17

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Tracklist A1 – Senjutsu A2 – Stratego A3 – The Writing On The Wall B1 – Lost In A Lost World B2 – Days Of Future Past C1 – The Time Machine C2 – Darkest Hour D – Death Of The Celts E – The Parchment F – Hell On Earth

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Tracklist A1 – Welcome To My Nightmare: 5:19 A2 – Devil’s Food: 3:38 A3 – The Black Widow: 3:37 A4 – Some Folks: 4:19 A5 – Only Women Bleed: 5:59 B1 – Department of Youth: 3:18 B2 – Cold Ethyl: 2:51 B3 – Year Ago: 2:51 B4 – Steven: 5:52 B5 – The Awakening: 2:25 [...]

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Exclusive and strictly limited Earbook-edition. Includes the album on 2 LP’s & 2 CD’s with bonus tracks and 36 page booklet. Tracklist A1. Out For The Glory A2. Fear Of The Fallen A3. Best Time A4. Mass Pollution B1. Angels B2. Rise Without Chains B3. Indestructible B4. Robot King C1. Cyanide C2. Orbit C3. Skyfall [...]

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Limited Edition 3D Holographic Experience! Tracklist A1. Out For The Glory A2. Fear Of The Fallen B1. Best Time B2. Mass Pollution B3. Angels C1. Rise Without Chains C2. Indestructible D1. Robot King D2. Cyanide E1. Orbit E2. Skyfall F1. Down In The Dumps F2. Golden Times F3. Save My Hide

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2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Blue Translucent

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Record Store Day 2021 exclusive release, part of the June 12th drops. Limited to 1,000 copies in the United States, and 3,000 worldwide. Comes in a gatefold jacket. Made in Germany

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Tracklist A 1. Hooch 2. Night Goat 3. Lizzy 4. Going Blind 5. Honey Bucket 6. Hag Me B 1. Set Me Straight 2. Sky Pup 3. Joan Of Arc 4. Teet 5. Copache 6. Pearl Bomb 7. Rocket Reducer #62 (Rama Lama Fafafa)

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Bone Colored Vinyl Tracklist A1. Abdominal Snowman A2. Heal The Weak A3. Complacency Is Killing You A4. Bright Grey A5. Time And Heat A6. The Moor You Know B1. People Behave B2. We Can Swarm B3. El Pollo B4. We’ll Take The Good Package B5. Last Family B6. Under Everest B7. Let Them Grind

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Tracklist A1 City Song A2 Long Road, No Turns B1 Satan In The Wait B2 The Flammable Man B3 The Lords Song C1 Less Sex C2 Daughter C3 The Reason They Hate Me D1 Ocean Song D2 Guest House

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Tracklist A1. I’m In Pain A2. Back To One A3. Dead Silence A4. In The End Of Life A5. Sickness B1. Corrosive B2. Killing Time B3. The End Complete B4. Rotting Ways

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Tracklist A1 Eye Flys A2 Echo Head/Don’t Piece Me A3 Heater Moves And Eyes A4 Steve Instant Newman A5 Influence Of Atmosphere A6 Exact Paperbacks A7 Happy Grey Or Black A8 Leeech B1 Glow God B2 Big As A Mountain B3 Heavyness Of The Load B4 Flex With You B5 Bitten Into Sympathy B6 Gluey [...]

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2 × Vinyl LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 180 Gram 

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Tracklist Vinum Sabbathi 3:06 Funeralopolis 8:43 Weird Tales (15:05) Barbarian 6:29 I, The Witchfinder 11:04 The Hills Have Eyes 0:47 We Hate You 5:09 Dopethrone 10:25 (no audio) 9:27 Untitled 0:55