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Tracklist 1 95 South 2 Amari 3 My Life Featuring – 21 Savage, Morray 4 Applying Pressure 5 Punchin’ the Clock 6 100 Mil  Featuring – Bas (21) 7 Pride Is The Devil Featuring – Lil Baby 8 Let Go My Hand Featuring – 6lack, Bas (21) 9 Interlude 10 The Climb Back 11 Close [...]

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Tracklist A1.Starboy Feat. Daft Punk A2.Party Monster A3.False Alarm A4.Reminder A5.Rockin’ B1.Secrets B2.True Colors B3.Stargirl Interlude Feat. Lana Del Rey B4.Sidewalks Feat. Kendrick Lamar B5.Six Feet Under C1.Love To Lay C2.A Lonely Night C3.Attention C4.Ordinary Life D1.Nothing Without You D2.All I Know Feat. Future D3.Die For You D4.I Feel It Coming Feat. Daft Punk

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Tracklist A1. Intro/There’s Something Going On A2. Proceed A3. Distortion To Static A4. Mellow My Man A5. I Remain Calm B1. Datskat B2. Lazy Afternoon B3. ? Vs. Rahzel B4. Do You Want More?!!!??! C1. What Goes On Pt. 7 C2. Essaywhuman?!!!??! C3. Swept Away C4. You Ain’t Fly D1. Silent Treatment D2. The Lesson [...]

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Tracklist 1. When The Revolution Comes 2. Sample This 3. Brown Sugar 4. Dread Brother 5. Festival 6. Son’s Rising 7. Brothers Working 8. 25 Years

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Tracklist A Lucky Kookies 3:40 B Lucky Kookies (Instrumental) 3:40

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Tracklist 1. Halls 2. McCraven On The Mic 3. Ox Tales 4. Suite For Artis Gilmore 5. Jupiter Jawn 6. The Oracle 7. The Bounce! 8. King Drive, ’86 Cutlass, No Plates 9. Run ‘Dem 10. Too Shy 11. Drums&Bruk&FeelTheVibe 12. Birthday Solo 13. TRC Thank You Outro 14. Where We Come From

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Tracklist 1. Exploration Intro 2. The Jaunt 3. Slightest Right 4. First Thing First 5. Lonely 6. Gwana 7. On The Spot 8. Butterscotch 9. TomTom 10. Three Fifths A Man 11. In the Moment 12. Quartz 13. Just Stay Right There 14. Untitled 15. Requests 16. Time Travel 17. The Encore 18. The Drop [...]

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Tracklist Side AAA A1. Life Is…Too Short A2. Rhymes A3. I Ain’t Trippin’ A4. Nobody Does It Better Side XXX B1. Don’t Fight The Feelin’ B2. CussWords B3. City Of Dope B4. Pimp The Ho

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Tracklist A1. Cyber Sex A2. Won’t Bite Feat. Smino A3. Rules A4. Bottom Bitch A5. Say So A6. Like That Feat. Gucci Mane B1. Talk Dirty B2. Addiction B3. Streets B4. Shine B5. Better Than Me B6. Juicy Feat. Tyga

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Tracklist 1. Introduction 2. Ex Bitch 3. Ugly 4. Bad Vibes Forever 5. School Shooters 6. I Changed Her Life 7. Triumph 8. LIMBO 9. Before I Realize 10. Ecstasy 11. Kill My Vibe 12. Hot Gyal 13. The Only Time I Feel Alive 14. The Interlude That Never Ends 15. Daemons 16. Attention! 17. [...]

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Mash up of MF Doom and The Sugarcubes

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Tracklist 1. Love That Never 2. One Day 3. Get Me Some 4. Renter’s Anthem 5. Up And Out 6. Fried For The Night 7. Phases 8. Come And Go 9. To Be Remote 10. House Of Dal 11. Higher Hopes 12. For My Eternal, Oh Dream My Treasure

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Tracklist A1. Stronger Than Me A2.1 You Sent Me Flying A2.2 Cherry A3. Know You Now A4. Fuck Me Pumps A5. I Heard Love Is Blind A6.1 Moody’s Mood For Love A6.2 Teo Licks A7. (There Is) No Greater Love A8. In My Bed B1. Take The Box B2. October Song B3. What Is It [...]

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Record Store Day 2021, limited of 1750 copies. 180g Vinyl Tracklist A1. AbbabubbaA2. Serious CuriousA3. Il CuchaiaoA4. AlabasterA5. RabbitsA6. Dead Man’s CurveA7. Polly’s Into MeA8. The Seus (Infadels Remix) B1. Ghost ComingB2. The WaterB3. The Seus (Charles Normal Remix)B4. Do What You Want (Gyaneshwar)B5. Get Away OilB6. The Seus (Bloc Party Remix)B7. Virginia Reel

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Tracklist The Illest Villains (Remix) All Caps (Vocal) All Caps (Instrumental) Scene Three Curls (Vocal) Curls (Instrumental)

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Double LP Tracklist 1. Public Service Announcment 2. My Name Is 3. Guilty Conscience 4. Brain Damage 5. Paul 6. If I Had 7. 97′ Bonnie & Clyde 8. Bitch 9. Role Model 10. Lounge 11. My Fault 12. Ken Kaniff 13. Cum On Everybody 14. Rock Bottom 15. Just Don’t Give A Fuck 16. [...]