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Record Store Day 2018 release. "Thank you: Yoko Takatani". Made in France

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In early November 2020, the singer teamed up with the choir she was a member of as a teenager to unveil new versions of her tracks “Cosmogony”, “Sonnets” and others. “Cosmogony” originally appeared on Björk’s 2011 Biophilia album, and this alternate a cappella rendition was conceived more recently during Björk’s “Cornucopia Tour” with the Hamrahlid [...]

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180g Double LP, The Clash Interview album. Originally made to promote the release of Sandinista. Tracklist Paul A1. Junco Partner A2. One More Time A3. One More Dub Mick B1. Hitsville U.K. B2. The Magnificent Seven Joe C1. Washington Bullets C2. The Call Up C3. Police On My Back Topper D1. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe [...]

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Specially created, limited editon Blue Ridge Rangers EP 12″ Blue Vinyl Tracklist A1. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) A2. Workin’ On A Building B1. Hearts Of Stone B2. Somewhere Listening  

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Tracklist A1. Ain’t No Time A2. In Her Mouth A3. Maybach A4. Xanny Family A5. Lil Haiti Baby A6. Photo Copied B1. Seven Rings B2. Lie To Me B3. Program B4. Low Life B5. Fly Shit Only

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Tracklist A1. God Hates Heavy Metal B1. This Is Your Life (Studio) B2. Hunter Of The Heart (Live)

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Tracklist A1. Egg Cream A2. NYC Man A3. Finish Line A4. Trade In B1. Hang On To Your Emotions B2. Sex With Your Parents (Motherfucker) Part II B3. HookyWooky B4. The Proposition C1. Adventurer C2. Riptide C3. Set The Twilight Reeling

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Vinyl Reissue, White Translucent with Gray 7″, Christmas Single, Red Tracklist A1. Let’s Have A War A2. Beef Boloney A3. Camarillo A4. I Don’t Care About You A5. New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones A6. Gimmie Some Action A7. Foreign Policy B1. We Destroy The Family B2. I Love Livin’ In The City B3. [...]

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4 Vinyl, Limited Edition Box Set Tracklist A1. Flashback Blues A2. Rocky Mountain Time A3. Living In The Future A4. Maureen, Maureen/Pretty Good A5. Hello In There B1. Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard B2. The Late John Garfield Blues B3. Quiet Man B4. The Accident (Things Could Be Worse) B5. Donald [...]

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Exclusive release for Record Store Day - Drop. Limited to 2000 copies Celebrating what would have been Freddie Mercury's 75th birthday on September 5th

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TracklistHide Credits A. Piggy B. Sad But True Record Store Day 2021 According to official Record Store Day, this release has a quantity of 5000 copies worldwide (US RSD website states 3200 reserved for US). Comes in clear plastic sleeve with title/barcode sticker. Vinyl is housed in a white die-cut paper inner, within a larger [...]

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Album originally planned to be released in 1984 but Cancelled. Released for the Record Store Day 2021 July 17th

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2021 RSD Drops 2 release. Limited to 400 copies.

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With bonus 12″ single. Tracklist A1. Face The Devil A2. Scientific Dub Mix A3. Rudy Say Him Bad A4. Mr. Big More B1. Penny I Love You B2. Scientific Dub Mix B3. Who No Waan Come B4. Scientific Dub Mix B5. Don’t Be Down Hearted

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Cloudy Red Vinyl released for Record Store 2021. Tracklist A1. Sentimental Saddle A2. 30th Century War A3. Waylaid A4. Rainbow Superfriends B1. Sinking Ships B2. Death Bed B3. Leaning On You B4. Noodle Soup B5. Albatross

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Reissue of 2005 release on black double vinyl for Record Store Day 2021 (Drop 2).