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Different version to the Record Store Day release

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music from throughout sigur rós’s career, twisted, bent, broken, and finally added to in the band’s reykjavík studio, to create a new perspective for a dance piece of the same title initiated and created by taiwanese choreographer cheng tsung-lung. musical director kjartan holm. originally released on record store day, 22° lunar halo returns with new [...]

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Ninth solo album by Björk.

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Fan Houtens Kókó re-released first cassette from 1981Musique Elementaire as vinyl.

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Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

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Radiohead - King of Limbs

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Can - Inner Space

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Can - Unlimited Edition

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Can - Out of Reach

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The London based Congolese afrobeat collective. “If Devo had been upcycling guitars and jamming at block parties in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, they might have sounded something like Kokoko!.” – The Guardian Tracklist A 1. Likolo 2. Azo Toke 3. Buka Dansa 4. Identité 5. Malembe B 1. L.O.V.E. 2. Tongos’a 3. Zala Mayele 4. Singa [...]

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Limited Edition Green Vinyl   Tracklist A1. Pinch A2. Sing Swan Song A3. One More Night B1. Vitamin C B2. Soup B3. I’m So Green B4. Spoon

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HaHa HuHu is the beautiful new album by Brooklyn-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Roche. Released through figureight records, the album acts as an anchor for Roche’s contrasting narratives: a singer-songwriter with an ear for the avant-garde; a contemporary composer who sings American folk music; an instrumentalist who works as a recording engineer. Roche’s musical CV [...]

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Tracklist A. Drama (LAPB Version) B.Transmission (LAPB Version)

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Tracklist A1. Saraswati Murder A2. Styro A3. Art of History B1. Yellow Mark B2. Fuck It

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Tracklist A1. Rafall A2. Duft A3. Straumur A4. Djákni A5. Strimill B1. Pollur B2. 7/4 Önd B3. Hulsa B4. Gesta