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Tracklist Bambi Amoeba Partridge Zinnias Blouse Wade Harbor Just For Today Joanie Reaper Little Changes Management

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Tracklist Dead Things Wednesday’s Child Tuna Fish To Be Free If You Go Away Weird Friendless Kid To Be Free (Futureshock Vocal Mix) To Be Free (Dillon & Dickens Vocal Remix) To Be Free (Raw Deal Remix) Baby Blue Baby Blue (Rae & Christian Remix) Baby Blue (Runaways Mix) Easy (Tore Johansson Mix) Easy (Album [...]

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2016 Stereo Mix CD-1 Summer’s Cauldron CD-2 Grass CD-3 The Meeting Place CD-4 That’s Really Super Supergirl CD-5 Ballet For A Rainy Day CD-6 1000 Umbrellas CD-7 Season Cycle CD-8 Earn Enough For Us CD-9 Big Day CD-10 Another Satellite CD-11 Mermaid Smiled CD-12 The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul CD-13 Dear God CD-14 [...]

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Exclusive release for Record Store Day - Drop. Limited to 2000 copies Celebrating what would have been Freddie Mercury's 75th birthday on September 5th

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2021 RSD Drops 2 release. Limited to 400 copies.

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Cloudy Red Vinyl released for Record Store 2021. Tracklist A1. Sentimental Saddle A2. 30th Century War A3. Waylaid A4. Rainbow Superfriends B1. Sinking Ships B2. Death Bed B3. Leaning On You B4. Noodle Soup B5. Albatross

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Tracklist 1. Bamboo Banga 2. Bird Flu 3. Boyz 4. Jimmy 5. Hussel 6. Mango Pickle Down River 7. 20 Dollar 8. World Town 9. The Turn 10. XR2 11. Paper Planes 12. Come Around

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Contemporary disco and futuristic boogie by Special-K and Farao

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Tracklist 1. Cycle 2. Morning 3. Heart Is A Drum 4. Say Goodbye 5. Blue Moon 6. Unforgiven 7. Wave 8. Don’t Let It Go 9. Blackbird Chain 10. Phase 11. Turn Away 12. Country Down 13. Waking Light

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Double embossed gatefold sleeve with metallic ink. Includes a 12-page silver booklet, a 24×36 inch double-sided poster, and a download code. Each side concludes with a bonus track not listed on the release preceded by a short burst of silence (possibly with added vinyl crackle sound effects). Side A contains a completely new track followed by ambience while Side B contains a short distorted snippet of ‘Lifeline’ followed by a distorted instrumental version of ‘Oh Yeah’. © 2020 Personal Computer Music.

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Tracklist Hunter Jóga Unravel Bachelorette All Neon Like 5 Years Immature Alarm Call Pluto All Is Full Of Love

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Cry is the second studio album by American ambient pop band Cigarettes After Sex, released through Partisan Records on October 25, 2019. It was preceded by the single “Heavenly”.

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Tracklist A1. Honolulu Baby A2. You Are The One A3. Let Me Find A Pathway A4. Memories Of Friends A5. My Dear Life B1. What You’re Doing To Me B2. Little Girl It’s Time To Be A Woman B3. Rainbow B4. This Is My World B5. Shoo Be Doo B6. Alone With The Day

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Tracklist Airborne Ashes Metallic Taste of Patience Below The Clavicle Burning Feather How To Fight Kiss of The Phoenix Volcano Fantasy Collision Mercurial Nerve Goodbye Diamond Bringing Me Back Diamond In The Bedrock Faith Consuming Hope

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Tracklist Drawbridge The Line Big Nothing Glow Waiting On Design Think I’ll Stay Dream Appropriate Easy Money Blue Comanche Confirmation Paper Dogs Float Over Your Hero Is Not Dead

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Fifth studio album by ex-Moloko front woman