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Moses Sumney - græ

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Tracklist A1. All In A2. Getting There A3. Until The Colours Come A4. Heave(n) A5. Tiny Tortures A6. All The Secrets B1. Sultan’s Request B2. Putty Boy Strut B3. See Thru To U B4. Until The Quiet Comes B5. DMT Song C1. The Nightcaller C2. Only If You Wanna C3. Electric Candyman C4. Hunger D1. [...]

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Tracklist 1. Gospel for a New Century 2. Medicine Burn 3. Identity Trade 4. Kerosene! 5. Hasdallen Lights 1. Romanticist 2. Dream Palette 3. Super Stars 4. Folie Imposée 5. Strawberry Privilege 6. Asteroid Blues 7. A Greater Love

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Tracklist 1. Hailslide 2. Color Decay 1. Gold Laces 2. Signals

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Tracklist 1. Eins Hratt Og Hægt Er 2. Dansandi 3. Funk Mood 4. BBQ Ribs 5. Intro 6. Hardcore 7. Mr. Funky Goes Straight 8. Boba 9. Lítið Skrítixð 10. Reprise

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Tracklist 1. Shake it Good 2. You Want Me 3. Groove All Night 4. Disco Diva 5. Somebody Told Me 6. Fight To Be Free 7. Runki Fag 8. Make Out 9. Youth Faded

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Tracklist 1. Jógúrt 2. Legoland 3. Hvað 4. TT 5. Húbba Búbba 6. Rólegt Lag 7. Píkuskítur

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Tracklist A1. Long Tall Sally A2. Good Golly Miss Molly A3. Baby Face A4. All Night Long A5. Ain´t Nothin´Happenin´ A6. The Girl Can´t Help It A7. Keep a Knockin´ B1. Slippin´and Slidin´ B2. Early One Morning B3. She Knows How to Rock B4. Every Hour B5. Send Me Some Lovin´ B6. Boo Hoo Hoo [...]

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Third studio album by Iceland's best smooth sailers, Moses Hightower, so smooth and edgy