here is how the auction works and should work for you.

1. Create your login user

2. Find your item

3. Place Custom Bid for item

4. Bids are only possible in Icelandic Króna.
If you have the site set to the currency estimate widget, please revert it to Króna, then bids are possible.
The currency estimate just a guideline.

5. You get email confirming bid

6. Wait until item auction ends

7. You can follow the auction bid on the items page under the tab Bids. You should also get an email if another bid is made on your item

8. If your bid wins you get email confirming you won the bid

9. Go to items page still logged in.

10. You see Pay Now button.

11. Pay

12. We send off to you your brand new thang.

Please note that the Auction is set so that the winner has 48hours to complete the payment. If not completed the item goes back into the Auction.

Thank you.