Our online shop operates in Icelandic Króna, and we have in the left sidebar a small currency exchange widget which shows the exchange value in a few world currencies.

We have a few methods available for payment

Credit Cards
We accept all major credit cards. All our transactions go through Borgun. Security is provided by Borgun and follows PCE DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
We have noticed that you need 3DS to complete purchase. 3DS is 3DSecure and basically you get sent an sms with code to complete. Very nifty against fraud.
If you get into difficulties, you might need to speak to your card issuer, as the issue is, that they don’t handle the Icelandic krona the right way. (who does?)

Direct Bank Transfer
We have also direct bank transfer. You buy and get the invoice which you then have your bank transfer the funds, and then we send the item. Takes a few days to process.

Bottomline, these are our options. We are glad for your support and if you have any questions or queries drop us a line on shop@smekkleysa.net