World Domination or Death

(Excerpts from the BadTaste Manifesto)

  1. As “good taste” and “financial restraint” are the main enemies of creativity and well-being, Bad Taste will work concertedly against anything that can be categorized as good taste or financial restraint.
  2. In the battle against the above (good taste and so forth), Bad Taste will use all thinkable and unthinkable approaches, such as stuffing things in, tearing them out, tasteless ads and announcements, and distribution and sale of common junk and leftovers.
  3. Bad Taste will present certificates of acknowledgement to those individuals or groups who excel in tastelessness and waste.
  4. Bad Taste shall deal with its members with warmth and style, and concentrate on publishing or performing their works, what ever they are: records, novels, poems, art, clothing, family entertainment, or revolution and any kind of cleaning activity.
  5. Members shall look at Bad Taste as an employment centre for themselves and their close ones, and behave with that in mind.
  6. Members shall always be clear about their importance to the future, and pledge to think in centuries as well as seconds. In accordance with this, members won’t worry about delays caused by bureacracy and centralisation.
  7. Bad Taste shall aim at opening as soon as possible a restaurant and/or nightclub named the Pit of Filth. Bad Taste will also in the future establish a propaganda radio station, which will concentrate on tasteless music and drivel.
  8. Bad Taste will concentrate on a few actions under various names, such as the Devil Heads, the Sugarcubes, Spermi and so forth. Only certified members of Bad Taste will be allowed to use those names in the battle for the takeover of all tastelessness.
  9. All profit from publishing and performance shall be paid out to members immediately, in either rock-hard coins or fresh cash. Bad Taste will do its very best to use neither checkbooks nor credit cards.