Björk’s Vulnicura String Version

A String version of Björk’s highly-acclaimed eighth studio album ‘Vulnicura’ will be released via CD and Digital on the November 6th, with Vinyl following on December 4th.

The original version of ‘Vulnicura’ layered the boom and crack of electronic beats with an intense vocal melody and incredible string arrangements by Björk which have been performed live with a fifteen chair orchestra. The new version is musically wholly comprised of strings, with new violin solos by Una Sveinbjarnardóttir and strings records by a Viola Organista.

Björk used the only ‘Viola Organista’ in the world to perform some of the arrangements; an instrument which was designed originally by Leonardo Da Vinci but not built until after his lifetime. The instrument uses a friction belt to vibrate individual strings (similar to a Violin), with the strings selected by pressing keys on the keyboard (similar to an organ). The instrument was recorded in Krakow, Poland by its constructor Sławomir Zubrzycki and here is where the album reached completion.

A quote from Björk reads;

“while i was working on vulnicura , it became one of the most magical thing both musically and spiritually to unite the electronics and the acoustic instruments in an almost romantic way : to prove they can coexist !! that positive tango was a proactive counterpoint to the lyrics of the album : the end of an union . onion . tears . a lot . lol .   

but while working on it i felt somehow for the first time , this was an album that could take another version : a reveal , to simply have the acoustics stand on their own for the folks who wanna indulge even further into the wooden timeless side of this music . w / no techno .  

so here it is : i dug out the more close up pick up miked versions , other sonic point-of-views , added some violin solos by the gorgeous una sveinbjarnardóttir and the talented sławomir zubrzycki played masterfully the viola organista ( an instrument invented by leonardo da vinci but only recently built for the first time . it is little but like a grand piano which is bowed not plucked ) 

thanks to chris elms for mixing it 

i hope you like this version too



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Smekkleysa Airwaves Off-Venue Program


This is our off-venue program @ Icelandairwaves Festival:

Wednesday 4. nóv:
16:00 Shelita Burke (us)
17:00 Rebekka Sif

Thursday 5. nóv:
15:00 Trptych
16:00 Østfrost (no)

Friday 6. nóv:
16:00 Anna Sóley
17:00 The Rulette (acoustic sett)

Saturday 7. nóv:
16:00 Ghostigital
17:00 Gísli Pálmi

Enjoy and see you here at Laugavegur

Serengeti is here!


Stephan Stephensen aka President Bongo wears many hats, but likes to refer to himself as ‘an emotional carpenter’. And the name is tting: throughout his illustrious career, Bongo has built, tooled, shaped and reconstructed reality in a manner that has touched upon the emotional spheres of thousands, greatly increasing their quality of life and inner harmony in the process.

President Bongo began properly mastering his craft as a founding member of the pioneering electronic band GusGus, which has steadily gone from strength to strength since forming in 1995. As GusGus evolved and progressed through the years Bongo remained a key element, making innumerable contributions to its ongoing success through his work, which ranged from design, lm & photography to singing, songwriting & production.

In spring 2015 President Bongo left GusGus to concentrate on his own solo career and now releases the project “Serengeti” via AlbumLabel in October 2015.

Every year, the beasts of the Serengeti region rush northwest across the endless plains in search of fields for grazing. It’s a tremendous sight: Millions of mammals headed in the same direction like a river of majestic proportions, owing across the vast land towards the ocean. Six months later the zebras and wildebeests and gazelles return south, once again sealing an in nite loop. Animal hearts brimming with blood, thumping as they traverse Africa; this is the sensation Serengeti evokes for its listener. Ancient dust stirred by the great migration rises and settles in a new corner of the plain. The land is forever altered, yet the same. Whenever the wind blows, nature’s rhythms are unaffected. They are undying, relentless, constantly shifting and we are all subject to them. No use resisting. Serengeti is a return journey. Although committed to plastic it never feels like the same route taken. The winds change, the dust re-settles, you mature, the music morphs. You close your eyes and your mind rushes across the plains under the burning sun just like it was the rst time.

Fufanu Airwaves Special

a few more days to go - frontFufanu are releasing their new album Few More Days To Go on November 27th. We will though be doing an Icelandairwaves this year as the album will be pre-released during Icelandairwaves and the Vinyl and CD can be bought from our store only on Laugavegur.
Fufanu shows at Airwaves are:
4. Nov KEX at 9:30 (off-venue)
5. Nov Iðnó at 9:30
6. Nov NASA 11:00
7. Nov Hotel Alda at 5pm (off-venue)

Catch them, and get the release hot off the presses from our shop.