Icelandic experimental singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist JFDR celebrates the release of her upcoming album Museum in concert at Fríkirkjan Church in Reykjavík on June 8th! 

Concert starts at 21:00
Doors open at 20:30

You can get your tickets now at

Inspired by the discovery of ideas lost to time after a period of creative stasis, Museum transforms fleeting moments into a timeless monument. It is, in JFDR’s words, “an album about clearing and healing; like breathing fresh strong air through your old self.” Following the release of her acclaimed 2020 album New Dreams — “the kind of album that might give you space to reach your own small revelations” (Stereogum) — JFDR found herself in an existential crisis about her own work. In late 2021, she began to re-emerge, scouring old demos and following her partner’s advice to trust her buried creative impulses. It was an immersive and nurturing period, and that new spate of energy and renewal of purpose lends Museum a weightlessness; a sense of movement and lifting up.

Throughout Museum, there are beautifully unfurling melodies and subtle percussion propelling songs upwards. There are whorls of piano and synths, sympathetic textures alongside instrumental breathers. JFDR’s vocals curl like wisps of smoke around heavy and resonant silhouettes of electric guitar and bass. As the album moves, there is redemption to be found – Ákadóttir ushers the listener toward the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a masterful gesture from an artist 14 years and 12 records deep into her career.