We can’t say we are crawling back, as we are cycling back into action. After a strangely calm time, we find it time to open up our shop again in Óðinsgata. Our neighbours in Mengi and Systrasamlaginu er also back in action, so it not dull in our vicinity. The street has even finished getting its facelift so access to our shop is fantastic.

The quiet time was used to launch our Smekkleysa Webshop and we are continually adding into the shelves. New titles daily being added. We have been focusing on music on vinyl, again. Or possibly it was never on vinyl. We still have plenty of CD’s, and we are discovering titles which we thought were sold out. Those find their way also into to webshop.

Our opening hours are now from Tuesday to Friday from noon till 6pm.

We look forward to seeing you, with a smile.

Smekkleysa in Óðinsgata
Smekkleysa in Óðinsgata, and a bike. (not Benni)