Record Store Day of 2020 has been postponed a few times this year and we all know why. The first drop is on August 29th and that is also the first day we launch our AUCTION of rare Smekkleysa and friends releases and items. Our first drop includes a tour jacket from The Sugarcubes, New Order and PIL tour from 1989, backstage pass from Sigur Rós‘ Valtari Tour Laminate, original Purrkur Pillnikk pins, albums by Megas, Q4U, Jonee Jonee, Sykurmolarnir and more.

Smekkleysa SM was formed in 1986 by a group of friends. Its history is documented elsewhere on this site under “OUR HISTORY”

After Smekkleysa was formed some of its founders realized that if we were to succeed in World Domination or Death we needed a pop band, hence The Sugarcubes.

Smekkleysa has never been run as a company for profit. Of course, that has been difficult but we have managed as once in a while we get products which have sold and that has footed the bill.

We were thinking the other day, why not auction off some of our paraphernalia and memorabilia, instead of storing it in boxes somewhere, to fund our activities.

And here we are at the point of launching an auction of these items. The auction will be ongoing as we shift through our boxes, and we have every intention of finding curiosities which desperately need new home, instead of the box. All income from the auction will go to fund Smekkleysa SM.

The auction will be ongoing as we are shifting through boxes of our past and our past pasts, i.e. even from time before Smekkleysa was established in 1986. Going way back to 1981 even.

Welcome to The Auction and we hope you stick around for joy!