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Debut album by atmospheric black metal band from Álftanes in Iceland, recorded at the legendary Sundlaugin Studio in Mosfellsbær

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This is the third album of Icelandic post-black metal band. For friends of intelligent dark music on transparent blue vinyl

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Third album by icelandic black metal powerhouse Auðn

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Second album from Black Metal band Auðn

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Icelandic dissonant and epic black metal

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Tracklist 1 Fjallið 2 Falið 3 Forn 4 Hold 5 Sál 6 Brennið Kirkjur (Forgarður Helvítis cover) 7 Sár

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Self-titled debut album of Icelandic black metal outfit ÖRMAGNA.

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Abstract and violent black metal from Iceland's Mannveira, their first album seven years and comes on clear vinyl and

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Nyrst - Orsök LP

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Tracklist 1. The Four Doors Of the Mind 2. 1st Door: Sleep 3. Sorgarefni Segi Eg Þér 4. 2nd Door: Forgetting 5. Sorg 6. 3rd Door: Madness 7. Bikarinn 8. 4th Door: Death