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Víkingur Ólafsson recorded his new album, From Afar, on both grand piano and on felt-covered upright capturing two distinct world of sounds

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With delicate piano, poised string arrangements and a deft understanding of drama, his work merges the traditions of classical music with contemporary trends.

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Remastered reissue from 2019 2 x 180 gram vinyl

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Fjögurra diska pakki með náttúrulögum Ómars Ragnarssonar í flutningi Kristins Sigmunds, Pálma Gunnars, Siggu Beinteins, Sölku Sól og fleiri

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Lokkur is an ancient Icelandic folk instrument, its sound being the essence of the island’s lonesome musical spirit

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Vönduð og skemmtileg barnaplata í flutningi Páls Óskars, Ásgeirs Óskarssonar, Pálma Gunnarssonar, stúlknakórs Melaskóla o.fl.

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1. Prelude 2. Where Is Winston? 3. Full English 4. A Telegram From The Palace 5. One Of The 6. Winston And George 7. First Speech To The Commons 8. The War Rooms 9. From The Air 10. I Wouldn’t Trust Him With My Bicycle 11. Radio Broadcast 12. History Is Listening 13. An Ultimatum [...]

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Two flutists, one from Iceland and one from Poland. A project based on mutual respect and using music as the tool and language

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Two Iceland-based composers used to shrugging off the distinction between experimental sound-art and deeply felt melodies

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Virðulegir forsetar is now available on double LP on backorder

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Personal effects by Jóhann Jóhannsson is now available on backorder

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Orphée by Jóhann Jóhannsson now out on backorder

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Stunning musical piece by Kristín Þóra Halldórsdóttir to an epic poem by Gerður Kristný, features Umbra Ensemble