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1999 kr

Einstürzende Neubauten in 1987 playing around with The Grateful Dead in their extraordinary way and more tracks

1999 kr

Features "Sand" by Lee Hazlewood and an Adrian Sherwood remix of "Yü-Gung"

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1999 kr

Limited edition US release of the limited

1999 kr

5th in a series of 12" remix releases

5799 kr

"Singular and weird" - Pitchfork Highly recommended release from 1989, for fans of Múm and Animal Collective

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Mogwai's 2021's album, regular vinyl, blue Nordic vinyl and double gold vinyl

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includes download code + 2 bonus songs

5899 kr

17th studio album by Duluth indie rock band Low

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Can Live in Stuttgart 1975 is the first in a series of Can live concerts available in full for the first time on vinyl and CD

6799 kr

Originally released by Better Days in Japan

5999 kr

Record Store Day 2018 release. "Thank you: Yoko Takatani". Made in France

1999 kr

Released in a simply 2-fold Digipak without booklet

1999 kr

One of the most understated dream pop albums of all times by London duo A.R. Kane who are known for one of the most popular 80s club hit

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Album originally planned to be released in 1984 but Cancelled. Released for the Record Store Day 2021 July 17th

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Tracklist 1. Part I 03:22 2. Part II 05:31 3. Part III 05:08 4. Part IV 09:01 5. Part V 03:10 6. Part VI – Into Eternity 03:21 7. Part VII 03:31 8. Part VIII – Chicago Waves 10:00 9. Parts I-IV (continuous) 23:03 10. Parts V-VIII (continuous) 20:04    

3099 kr5799 kr

Super Limited Edition LP, comes with bonus free 7″ single. Tracklist 1. Double Slit 2. Glass 3. Chamber Of Frequencies 4. Divided Light 5. Elements Of Matter 6. Magic Transistor 7. Scheinwelt 8. PostHuman 9. Synthesis 10. X Zeit 11. Incandescent Sun 12. Healing Rods 13. Steckdose 14. Amnesia Transmitter 15. Quantize Humanize 16. Gläserner [...]