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The first complete retrospective of a contemporary icon, prepared with Björk’s active creative involvement throughout.

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We’re delighted to offer five different prints from an Inez + Vinoodh photoshoot taken 2007 during the Volta album campaign.

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Limited edition water bottles featuring logos from the Cornucopia live show at The Shed, New York. “In a first for the innovative multidisciplinary artist, Björk and a team of digital and theatrical collaborators, including award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, and director Lucrecia Martel, present a new staged concert of live musical arrangements, digital technology, and stunning visuals. [...]

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These are Einar Örn’s thinking caps. He made three different ones in this series. Each cap is in limited run of 33. They are numbered and signed.

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Björk – Utopia Bird Call Boxset

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Special Smekkleysa SM t-shirt to support our endeavours into the years to come after our 33 1/3 birthday. The price you decide, but we do have a minimum fee to cover production and shipping. The income of this support we will use to continue our quest to publish what we think should be heard, seen or felt.  

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One of two special designs for the Sugarcubes benefit concert for Smekkleysa back in 2006. The reunion was to create funds for Smekkleysa SM.