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Compilation cassette of the legendary Icelandic musician Love Guru

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A1 Sun 5:04 A2 Moon 7:13 A3 Stars 9:16 B1 Roots 7:36 B2 Desert 5:37 B3 Camel 3:24 C1 River 7:28 C2 Pyramid 3:17 C3 Mirage 6:43 D1 Magic Carpet 3:30 D2 Hieroglyph 10:22

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Newly-founded Icelandic imprint NIX welcomes Swiss talent Chlär for its sophomore release as he drops a trio of dynamic productions across his ‘Dance Instructor’ EP.

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Áki Ásgeirssons first solo album with music for trumpet and computer. Done in collaboration with Stephan Stephensen. 180 gram Blue-green marbled vinyl Limited to 180 hand-numbered copies.

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Recorded live at Víkurkirkja in Iceland 2016 (A-side) and live at Iðnó Reykjavik 2019 (B-side)

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Limited 100 numbered copies, all signed by Magnús Jóhann Tónlist úr kvikmyndinni Uglur eftir Magnús Jóhann Ragnarsson. Gefin út í aðeins 100 númeruðum eintökum á 180 gr. svörtum vinyl. Öll eintök árituð af Magnúsi Jóhanni. Umslagið er hannað af Viktori Weisshappel og er með innfelldum (e. debossed) stöfum og sérprentuðum innri vösum. Nafn plötunnar er handskrifað á hvert umslag og eru því engin tvö eintök eins.

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NIX001 features a collaboration between NIX founder Árni and Icelandic synth-disco producer Hermigervill. The resulting track, Gott, is a fragmented soundscape of abstract beats and distorted granularized sequences, with an obscure Icelandic female vocal interspersed between the percussive rhythms.

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"An expressive electronic album with the kind of positive, stirring resolve that leaves you feeling utterly comforted, Bjarki’s new album ‘Happy Earthday’ is influenced by his home country Iceland as well as environmental issues." - From artist's own Bandcamp page

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The 20th anniversary release for the first Apparat Organ Quartet album on Crunchy Frog. Features essential Appa-classics such as Stereo Rock & Roll and Romantika

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Creative piano re-works by artists across modern classical, electronic and jazz, including JFDR, Eydís Evensen, Dustin O'Halloran, Hania Rani, Alfa Mist and Lambert

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Ásgeir pushes the boundaries of his textured, thoughtful brand of folk-pop on his fourth and long anticipated studio album

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Experimental synth music and gorging on the mathematical possibilities and expanses of arpeggio/sequencer driven ambient music

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Ísbjarnarblús was the debut solo record released by Icelandic songwriter Bubbi Morthens. The album was released on June 17.

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The One Little Independent version of Ásgeir's third studio album from 2020