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3499 kr

Andi's sophomore album and his first one on vinyl, one of the most groovy and catchy electronic album of recent years in Iceland

899 kr

The only studio album by electronic rock band Stjörnukisi, recorded at and released by Veðurstofan in Reykjavík

1499 kr

Víðamikið safn af bestu lögum Maus í bland við tónleikaupptökur, æfingaupptökur, endurvinnslur o.fl.

2499 kr

A 2000 compilation 12" from the legendary Æ Recordings (sublabel of Thule Records) featuring massive tracks by Thor, Sanasol, Exos and Octal

2999 kr

Volume one in President Bongo's series Les Aventures De President Bongo features two tracks by indie rock supergroup Tilbury recorded live

4999 kr

The full-length by TRPTYCH from Iceland, gatefold vinyl

5999 kr

Depicting the hardship of pit work, increasing mechanisation, the role of trade unions in organising and fighting for workers' right

2999 kr

Same cover as 'On With The Show' - but comes with different sticker on front.

2499 kr

The legendary Yagya (Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson) released this gem via Japanese label Kilk Records and it features few of Iceland's best vocalists ever, bold but a true statement

2199 kr

A travel around the world collecting sounds and samples that become a part of a story stretching from one place to another

3999 kr

The unique industrial electronica of Reykjavik based composer and producer IDK IDA was already evident on her debut THE BUG

4799 kr

Young Icelandic and Danish artists who are fiercely dedicated to music, performing, pondering, discussing, creating and listening!

1299 kr

Experimental duo by Icelandic producers and composers Helgi Freyr Tómasson and Ólafur Kári Ólafsson debut on Bulb Mind Records

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Two Iceland-based composers used to shrugging off the distinction between experimental sound-art and deeply felt melodies