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Björk – 34 Scores for Piano, Organ, Harpsichord and Celeste

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A Conversation with Bjork features a transcribed conversation that took place between Bjork and Asmundur Jonsson in 2002.

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Rae’s cursed portal reveals screaming sirens and liquid vixens, melting like wax, ruptured and replicating

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Recordings of Icelandic poetry and rímur recorded around the year 1960 by the Poet Society of Iðunn, assembled by Steindór Andersen (Sigur Rós) and directed by Rósa Þorsteinsdóttir

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Ný bók og geisladiskur þar sem söngmenning og söngvar úr Kjós njóta sín í texta, myndum og fáheyrðum upptökum

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Limited edition tour book featuring information from the Cornucopia live show at The Shed, New York

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A reprint of the first artist’s book from frontman Jon “Jónsi” Thor Birgisson and Alex Somers

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You are nothing. Your friends are nothing. Your parents are nothing. Your siblings are nothing. I am nothing. Nobody is nothing. There is nothing nowhere, at all. Except this book, which is something. “Cannibalism, incest and general mayhem. And that’s just for starters.” (The Guardian)

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A collection of Dagsson’s early work. In this book you will find 222 cartoons about everything you shouldn’t joke about. “This is simply offensive trash, so-called cartoons by someone with as much drawing talent as my dog, and strap-lines that are as offensive as they could possibly be – Have I made my point yet? [...]

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A collection of Dagsson’s early work. In this book you will find 222 examples of extremely inappropriate humor „This book is for the slightly demented. Being slightly to highly demented, I loved it. If you enjoy jokes about incest, murder, cannibalism, sex, and just about every sin imaginable, I highly recommend it.“ – Some guy [...]

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“Hugleikur Dagsson is the funniest Icelandic cartoonist I have ever read.” – Judd Apatow A collection of 101 cartoons chosen by a team of scientists at cern to make sure only the bloody best made it to the book.

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Hugleikur Dagsson has drawn thousand of cartoons. But here are only 101 of them. Because you’re probably in a hurry. „Tasteful? No. Funny? Yes.“ The Telegraph