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Debut studio full length by Icelandic singer songwriter Markús and his band The Diversion Sessions, features the radio hit "É biss assökunar" and KEXP favorite "Decent Times"

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Ásgeir pushes the boundaries of his textured, thoughtful brand of folk-pop on his fourth and long anticipated studio album

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JUNIUS MEYVANT presents his third studio album and impresses with authentic songwriting, catchy indie, soul and pop harmonies

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With poetic proficiency and a knack for composing melodies that bury themselves deep into the subconscious, Arny writes of loneliness and existentialism with stark relatability

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Icelandic guitar trio numero uno is actually 1/3 Canadian, this Theory Of Everything seven inch single features a stellar take on Þeyr's classic "Rúdólf"

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Nýjasta plata Snorra Helgasonar ber nafnið Víðihlíð og samanstendur af tveim EP plötum sem komu út stafrænt í október ’21 og apríl ’22 og bera sama nafn

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Vivid imagery colors deeply personal writing across the whole debut EP by this highly talented young Icelandic singer-songwriter

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The One Little Independent version of Ásgeir's third studio album from 2020

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A new 2022 pressing of Seabear's debut album and possibly their best on black vinyl via Morr Music

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Debut album by the gloomy and ethereal post-folk outfit Á Geigsgötum from the Northern Capital of Iceland on vinyl

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Víðamikið safn af bestu lögum Maus í bland við tónleikaupptökur, æfingaupptökur, endurvinnslur o.fl.

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Sophomore album by Icelandic indie rock band Hjaltalín. It was chosen as the album of the year at the 2010 Icelandic Music Awards

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10th year anniversary of one of Iceland's most successful and popular bands ever. Features many of their memorable tracks, including "Dirty Paws" and "Little Talks"

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Young Icelandic and Danish artists who are fiercely dedicated to music, performing, pondering, discussing, creating and listening!

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Valdimar's fourth and best album yet, produced by singer-songwriter and award winning score composer Pétur Ben