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Lights in the Sky comprises eight tracks for analogue synthesiser, cello, piano, and string orchestra

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Lithuanian pianist weaves works from contemporary Nordic and Baltic composers such as the Icelandic Anna Thorvaldsdottir in a pristine manner

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Weinberg’s Chamber Symphonies reflect his creativity and the dramatic times in which he lived

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This release couples two of Reich’s “sextets” for the first time: the Sextet of 1984 and the Pulitzer Prize winning Double Sextet of 2007, which also makes its first appearance on vinyl

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Boston-based Parker Quartet, hailed by the Washington Post for “exceptional virtuosity and imaginative interpretation”

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Composed in 2006, Lotus is also a homage to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with distant echoes of Mozart’s Concerto

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Repressed and remastered Tom Waits and Catherine Brennan in 2018, excellent reissue of an excellent album on 180 gram vinyl and CD

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Solo upright piano recorded in two summer nights in 2012 at Durton Studio in Berlin

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Tracklist 1 What Next? 40:07 2 Asko Concerto 12:01

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TRACKLIST 1 O COMFORTER (PRAYER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT) 05:23 2 A MAD TEA-PARTY (ROYAL VERSION) 08:12 3 BLISS (OF THE POEM BY ALEXANDER PUSHKIN) (Alexander Knaifel) 04:37 4 THIS CHILD (Alexander Knaifel) 09:40 5 CONFESSION (Alexander Knaifel) 07:22 6 O LORD OF ALL MY LIFE (Alexander Knaifel) 16:00 7 O HEAVENLY KING (Alexander Knaifel) [...]

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Recorded June 2015 at Avatar Studios, New York, for ECM Records

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Third solo album by Arcade Fire violinist Sarah Neufeld on One Little Independent Records

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Tracklist 1. Les Espaces Du Sommeil 2. Gnossienne I 3. J’Ai Tant Rêvé I 4. Dream Play I 5. Les Anges 6. Poème De l’Amour I 7. Dream Play II 8. Air Du Poète 9. Gnossienne II 10. Elégie 11. Gnossienne III 12. Les Fleurs 13. Dream Play III 14. Poème De L’Amour II 15. [...]

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Tracklist 1. Intro 2. Resavoir 3. Talking Flight 4. Plantasy 5. Clouds 6. Woah 7. Illusion 8. Escalator 9. LML

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Tracklist A1. Learn From Each Other A2. Make It Work A3. My Love B1. Small Talk B2. Pacifico B3. Shake Shake Shake C1. Love Is Always There C2. Warm C3. Something About You D1. Day And Night D2. King City D3. Every Step Every Way

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Tracklist Tone Bone Kone 0:57 Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun / Let’s See 9:19 Answers Me 2:04 Being It 5:23 Place I Know / Kid Like You 3:20 She’s The Star / I Take This Time 4:46 Tree House 2:09 See-Through 2:08 Hiding Your Present From You 4:06 Wax The Van 2:05 All-Boy All-Girl 3:34 Lucky Cloud [...]