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With foundations in black, thrash, doom and heavy metal, ‘Astral Fortress’ is the latest album of stellar, eclectic old metal in the Darkthrone odysse

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Burzum's debut full length album and the second EP in one great package, a milestone for second wave black metal on double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve

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"This is, hands down, one of the greatest Metal records of all time. Not only in terms of it's production, it's ferocity, but also songwriting as well" - The Needle Drop

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"Imagine a band capable of combining the jackhammer virtuosity of Led Zeppelin with the toxic allure of the Sex Pistols, and Metallica's mighty bottom end with the visceral rage of Nirvana" - The Observer

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A 2015 reissue of Motörhead's sophomore album black dye 180 gram vinyl, includes classics like "Overkill", "Stay Clean" and "Damage Case"

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Debut album by Pike Vs The Automaton fronted by legendary singer and guitarist Matt Pike of Sleep and High On Fire on 180g clear orchid and ruby vinyl

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A reissue of a monumental stoner sludge metal opus by Wisconsin's Bongzilla for Relapse Records on double green splatter vinyl

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AC/DC’s last album with Bon Scott and definitely one of their finest moments

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Fourth studio album by Welsh metalcore and death metal outfit Venom Prison. "One of the best metal albums of the year is already here" - Kerrang

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Double Black vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve.

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The Legendary live broadcast from Asbury Park 1975!

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Broadcast from the Olympia Theatre in Paris, 20th December 1970. Blood red vinyl.

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Tracklist A1 Tombstone Highway 3:30 A2 The Way She Fly 2:21 A3 Forever Midnight 4:56 A4 Ground Out 3:16 A5 Fear Child 1:52 B1 Freedom 5:52 B2 Red Disaster 3:45 B3 Inner Turmoil 2:18 B4 River Of Soul 4:27