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This reflects the flourishing music scene in Iceland.

2499 kr

Navigates through different sketches connected by the link of improvisation, jazz and ambient by Sölvi Kolbeinsson and Vincent Audusseau

2999 kr3999 kr

Released in November 2016. Winner of Kraumur Music Awards for one of the 6 best albums of the year

10999 kr

Recordings of Icelandic poetry and rímur recorded around the year 1960 by the Poet Society of Iðunn, assembled by Steindór Andersen (Sigur Rós) and directed by Rósa Þorsteinsdóttir

999 kr3499 kr

Debut album by Moses Hightower is an excellent mixture of Scandinavian funk, jazz and soulful pop featuring members of ADHD, amiina, Of Monsters and Men etc.

2799 kr3499 kr

Sophomore album Icelandic tropicalia yacht monsters Moses Hightower features guests from ADHD, Hjaltalín and Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band

5999 kr

10th year anniversary of one of Iceland's most successful and popular bands ever. Features many of their memorable tracks, including "Dirty Paws" and "Little Talks"

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1999 kr

Bestu lög Rúnars Júlíussonar á þremur geisladiskum, inniheldur lög af glæstum sólóferli sem og lög Hljóma, Trúbrot, Thor's Hammer, GCD o.fl.

4299 kr4499 kr

"Hvað ef" is the debut album by Icelandic singer-songwriter GDRN, finally available on black and blue vinyl

2999 kr

Lights in the Sky comprises eight tracks for analogue synthesiser, cello, piano, and string orchestra

2499 kr

The legendary Yagya (Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson) released this gem via Japanese label Kilk Records and it features few of Iceland's best vocalists ever, bold but a true statement

2199 kr

A travel around the world collecting sounds and samples that become a part of a story stretching from one place to another

1999 kr2499 kr

amiina - Kurr

2699 kr4299 kr

Debut album by Icelandic blue rock heroes Kaleo features originals and a couple of traditional Icelandic pop classics

3999 kr

The unique industrial electronica of Reykjavik based composer and producer IDK IDA was already evident on her debut THE BUG

1499 kr

Legendary recording of HAM at CBGB's. We are HAM, you are HAM and they are HAM

3999 kr

The devoted sons of Akranes are here with their first vinyl album chock full of fierce Icelandic hardcore punk