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3499 kr

Andi's sophomore album and his first one on vinyl, one of the most groovy and catchy electronic album of recent years in Iceland

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Megas syngur Ósómaljóð Þorvaldar Þorsteinssonar ásamt tónlist Ósæmilegrar hljómsveitar Skúla Sverrissonar

2499 kr

A 2000 compilation 12" from the legendary Æ Recordings (sublabel of Thule Records) featuring massive tracks by Thor, Sanasol, Exos and Octal

2999 kr

Volume one in President Bongo's series Les Aventures De President Bongo features two tracks by indie rock supergroup Tilbury recorded live

2999 kr

2018 album by upright bass player Haraldur Ægir Guðmundsson recorded at Sundlaugin Studio by Birgir Jón Birgisson (Sigur Rós, Mugison, Sólstafir)

4299 kr

This is the third album of Icelandic post-black metal band. For friends of intelligent dark music on transparent blue vinyl

3799 kr

A 2019 reissue of Maus' fourth studio album on vinyl for the first time via Alda Music

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Kaleo's sophomore album, released in Iceland by Alda Music features the hits "All The Pretty Girls" and "Vor í Vaglaskógi"

4499 kr

The warm and comforting debut album by Moses Hightower keyboardist/singer Steingrímur and the entrancing Silva Þórðardóttir

4999 kr

The full-length by TRPTYCH from Iceland, gatefold vinyl

4799 kr

Sixth album by the Icelandic atmospheric heavy metal band Sólstafir. It was released on May 26, 2017

4899 kr5999 kr

Third album by icelandic black metal powerhouse Auðn

999 kr3499 kr

Debut album by Moses Hightower is an excellent mixture of Scandinavian funk, jazz and soulful pop featuring members of ADHD, amiina, Of Monsters and Men etc.

2799 kr3499 kr

Sophomore album Icelandic tropicalia yacht monsters Moses Hightower features guests from ADHD, Hjaltalín and Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band

5999 kr

10th year anniversary of one of Iceland's most successful and popular bands ever. Features many of their memorable tracks, including "Dirty Paws" and "Little Talks"