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Sixth album by the Icelandic atmospheric heavy metal band Sólstafir. It was released on May 26, 2017

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A1. Burn The Witch A2. Don Ivi A3. Fire In The Hole A4. Glory Days A5. Featherpants B1. Perfect Way To Go B2. We Hate You B3. Siddhartha B4. Hail B5. Heretic

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Self-released laquer cut 10 inch single by Iceland's undisputed kings of psychedelic desert rock. Recorded by Aðalbjörn Tryggvason of Sólstafir

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Legendary punk and metal-core band Raw Material from the capitol of West Iceland, Akranes, on Ægisbraut Records!!

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Pure Icelandic hardcore, powerviolence and grindcore by Dead Herring and Grit Teeth on Why Not? Plötuútgáfa!

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First full length release from Icelandic heavy metal band Blóðmör on vinyl and cassette

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Önnur pressa af Þögn með Dimmu á glærum vínil

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Debut album by Icelandic crust punk outfit featuring members of Sólstafir and Dimma

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Icelandic dissonant and epic black metal

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Icelandic death metal at its best

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Exclusive grey vinyl made in only 200 copies for Icelandic market and a deluxe CD by Viking metal band Skálmöld

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Nyrst - Orsök LP