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Icelandic folk album of the year 2020

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Debut album by singer-songwriter Valborg Ólafs

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Ný plata frá Sigga Björns!

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Tracklist 1. Point Of Creation 2. Time Immemorial 3. The Leading Bird 4. Fortune Teller 5. Without A Map 6. Remember Who You Are 7. Mary 8. Phoenix 9. Seasons Change 10. Gabriel 11. This Right Here

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Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks” speaks volumes, despite its misleading title. It’s a fun-filled party of a song, with tooting horns, acoustics, and drum smashing that forms a rager in your ears. The back and forth conversation of  sweet nothings and somethings between the duo throughout the song finishes with each bold chorus yelling, [...]

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Tracklist Stúlka ein Um nýliðinn dag Soaring Crow Andvaka nótt Athvarf Fjaran Memory Lane Vegslóðinn Vetur rís Dagsbirtan Langferð

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Ásgeir - Sátt