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2010 One Little Indian Records

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2010 One Little Indian Records

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2011 One Little Indian Records

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2014 One Little Indian Records

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2021 Republic Records Green Vinyl Edition

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One Little Indian Includes code for digital download of album.

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Tracklist Bambi Amoeba Partridge Zinnias Blouse Wade Harbor Just For Today Joanie Reaper Little Changes Management

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Specially created, limited editon Blue Ridge Rangers EP 12″ Blue Vinyl Tracklist A1. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) A2. Workin’ On A Building B1. Hearts Of Stone B2. Somewhere Listening  

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4 Vinyl, Limited Edition Box Set Tracklist A1. Flashback Blues A2. Rocky Mountain Time A3. Living In The Future A4. Maureen, Maureen/Pretty Good A5. Hello In There B1. Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard B2. The Late John Garfield Blues B3. Quiet Man B4. The Accident (Things Could Be Worse) B5. Donald [...]

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Elephants in the Thai jungle playing specially designed musical instruments. Tracklist A1. Three Renats, Gong, Thundersheet A2. Diddley Bow, Two Renats, Khene, Gong, Thundersheet A3. Renats, Diddley Bow, Bass Drum, Synthesizer, Thundersheet A4. Reed, Two Renats, Gong, Synthesizer A5. Two Renats A6. Diddley Bow, Slit Drums, Harmonica, Khene, Thundersheet, Gong A7. Pitch Pipe, Renat, Slit [...]

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Tracklist 1. Orphans 2. Gamma Ray 3. Chemtrails 4. Modern Guilt 5. Youthless 6. Walls 7. Replica 8. Soul Of A Man 9. Profanity Prayers 10. Volcano

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Tracklist 1. Cycle 2. Morning 3. Heart Is A Drum 4. Say Goodbye 5. Blue Moon 6. Unforgiven 7. Wave 8. Don’t Let It Go 9. Blackbird Chain 10. Phase 11. Turn Away 12. Country Down 13. Waking Light

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Tracklist Songs Two Reverse Ingydar Anything Forwards Beckon Rebound Heavy Focus Half Return Come Zombie Girl Not A Lot, Just Forever Dragon Eyes My Angel Instrumentals Music For Indigo Mostly Chimes

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18 years in the making and worth it

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Tracklist 1. Lydia y Clodomira 2. Vestur í bæ 3. Saga frá Maine 4. Le commandant 5. Rohingya 6. Janúar 7. Lestin 8. Vúlkan

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Tracklist 1. Afogtil 2. Dreamcat 3. Paradisa 4. Guitarplay 5. Djésenda 1. Undiraldan 2. Gæsin og Minkurinn 3. Apar 4. Asenda 5. Út