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Tracklist A1. Skweetis A2. Queen A3. Sweet Willy Rollbar A4. Revolve A5. Goose Freight Train A6. Roadbull A7. At The Stake B1. Magic Pig Detective B2. Shevil B3. June Bug B4. Lividity

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Tracklist A 1. Hooch 2. Night Goat 3. Lizzy 4. Going Blind 5. Honey Bucket 6. Hag Me B 1. Set Me Straight 2. Sky Pup 3. Joan Of Arc 4. Teet 5. Copache 6. Pearl Bomb 7. Rocket Reducer #62 (Rama Lama Fafafa)

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Tracklist A1 Eye Flys A2 Echo Head/Don’t Piece Me A3 Heater Moves And Eyes A4 Steve Instant Newman A5 Influence Of Atmosphere A6 Exact Paperbacks A7 Happy Grey Or Black A8 Leeech B1 Glow God B2 Big As A Mountain B3 Heavyness Of The Load B4 Flex With You B5 Bitten Into Sympathy B6 Gluey [...]

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Melvins - The Maggot & The Bootlicker 2LP