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American's songwriter 4th studio album

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Two iconic albums by American singer-songwriter on three vinyl albums

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2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 Gram

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Tracklist 1. Hustle 2. It Breaks 3. Don’t Look Down Or Back 4. The Roadside 5. October 6. Sashimi 7. With Whiskey 8. By Dusk They Were In The City 9. These Winds 10. Santiago 11. Weekend Away

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Tracklist A1. The Devil A2. Dear Darkness A3. Grow Grow Grow A4. When Under Ether A5. White Chalk B1. Broken Harp B2. Silence B3. To Talk To You B4. The Piano B5. Before Departure B6. The Mountain

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Includes a 16-page booklet. Comes with a slipcase. Tracklist 1. Three-Way 2. California Girls 3. Old Fools 4. Xavier Says 5. Mr. Mistletoe 6. Please Stop Dancing 7. Drive On, Driver 8. Too Drunk To Dream 9. Till The Bitter End 10. I’ll Dream Alone 11. The Nun’s Litany 12. Zombie Boy 13. Courtesans

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Tracklist 1. Boy From Michigan 2. County Fair 3. The Rusty Bull 4. The Cruise Room 5. Mike and Julie 6. Best In Me 7. Rhetorical Figure 8. Just So You Know 9. Dandy Star 10. Your Portfolio 11. The Only Baby 12. Billy

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Tracklist Whole Life (Jaakko Eino Kalevi Remix) 3:41 Describe (A. G. Cook Remix) 4:23 Without You (Jim-E Stack Remix) 3:22 Jason (Planningtorock ‘Jason There’s No Rush’ Remix) 3:36 Leave (Jenny Hval Remix) 3:37 On The Floor (Initial Talk Remix) 3:37 Your Body Changes Everything (Boy Harsher Remix) 5:06 Moonbend (Nídia Remix) 4:42 Just A Touch [...]

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Tracklist A1. Rumours A2. Rocky Trail A3. Comb My Hair A4. Angel A5. Love Is A Lonely Thing A6. Fever B1. Killers B2. Ask For Help B3. Catholic Country B4. Song About It B5. Washing Machine

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Tracklist A1. Son Of Sam A2. Somebody That I Used To Know A3. Junk Bond Trader A4. Everything Reminds Me Of Her B1. Everything Means Nothing To Me B2. LA B3. In The Lost & Found (Honky Bach) / The Roost B4. Stupidity Tries C1. Easy Way Out C2. Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud? C3. Color [...]

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Tracklist A1. Paradise A2. Weirdo A3. As It Is When It Was A4. Broken Promise A5. Way Of Life B1. Bizarre Love Triangle B2. All Day Long B3. Angel Dust B4. Every Little Counts

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Tracklist 1. Cola 2. Super Sad Generation 3. Sophie 4. Romantic Garbage 5. I Like 6. Second Guessing 7. George 8. Angel’s Song 9. Paperbacks

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Tracklist A. I See Red B1. FistfulB2. Unun

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RSD 2021, Limited to 1,000 copies on Honey coloured vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.

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A Record Store Day 2021 release. Limited to 3500 copies. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve. Includes a printed inner sleeve and a single-sided poster. Tracks are numbered sequentially across sides on the back sleeve.