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Tracklist A1. Son Of Sam A2. Somebody That I Used To Know A3. Junk Bond Trader A4. Everything Reminds Me Of Her B1. Everything Means Nothing To Me B2. LA B3. In The Lost & Found (Honky Bach) / The Roost B4. Stupidity Tries C1. Easy Way Out C2. Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud? C3. Color [...]

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Tracklist A1. Paradise A2. Weirdo A3. As It Is When It Was A4. Broken Promise A5. Way Of Life B1. Bizarre Love Triangle B2. All Day Long B3. Angel Dust B4. Every Little Counts

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Tracklist 1. Cola 2. Super Sad Generation 3. Sophie 4. Romantic Garbage 5. I Like 6. Second Guessing 7. George 8. Angel’s Song 9. Paperbacks

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Tracklist A. I See Red B1. FistfulB2. Unun

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RSD 2021, Limited to 1,000 copies on Honey coloured vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.

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A Record Store Day 2021 release. Limited to 3500 copies. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve. Includes a printed inner sleeve and a single-sided poster. Tracks are numbered sequentially across sides on the back sleeve.

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Mash up of MF Doom and The Sugarcubes

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Tracklist A1. Said And Done (Alternate Version)A2. Evidence (Alternate Version)A3. Vietnam (Alternate Version)A4. Love At First Sight (Alternate Version)A5. Snake Line (Alternate Version)A6. Fun For AllA7. Face Rake (Alternate Version)A8. Later In A Magazine (Alternate Version)A9. Red Dress (Alternate Version)A10. Charmed Life (Alternate Version) B1. Day And Night With AngieB2. Madonna Nude (Alternate Version)B3. Ashes [...]

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Record Store Day 2021, limited of 1750 copies. 180g Vinyl Tracklist A1. AbbabubbaA2. Serious CuriousA3. Il CuchaiaoA4. AlabasterA5. RabbitsA6. Dead Man’s CurveA7. Polly’s Into MeA8. The Seus (Infadels Remix) B1. Ghost ComingB2. The WaterB3. The Seus (Charles Normal Remix)B4. Do What You Want (Gyaneshwar)B5. Get Away OilB6. The Seus (Bloc Party Remix)B7. Virginia Reel

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Tracklist A1 Robber A2 Atlantic A3 Tried To Tell You A4 Parking Lot A5 Loss B1 Separated B2 Wear B3 Trust B4 Heart B5 Subdivisions

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Tracklist A1. In This HoleA2. Good Clean FunA3. What Would The Community ThinkA4. Nude As The NewsA5. They Tell MeA6. Taking People B1. Fate Of The Human CarbineB2. King Rides ByB3. BathysphereB4. Water & AirB5. EnoughB6. The Coat Is Always On

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Tracklist A1. On Your Wings A2. Naked As We Came A3. Cinder And Smoke A4. Sunset Soon Forgotten A5. Teeth In The Grass A6. Love And Some Verses B1. Radio War B2. Each Coming Night B3. Free Until They Cut Me Down B4. Fever Dream B5. Sodom, South Georgia B6. Passing Afternoon

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Tracklist A1. Next Exit A2. Evil A3. Narc A4. Take You On A Cruise A5. Slow Hands B1. Not Even Jail B2. Public Pervert B3. C’mere B4. Length Of Love B5. A Time To Be So Small

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Tracklist A1. Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) A2. Lose My Breath A3. Cupid Come A4. (When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream A5. No More Sorry A6. All I Need B1. Feed Me With Your Kiss B2. Sueisfine B3. Several Girls Galore B4. You Never Should B5. Nothing Much To Lose B6. I [...]

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Double Heavyweight Vinyl Gatefold LP. All proceeds from the sale of this album go to War Child. Tracklist 1. Four Out of Five 2. Brianstrom 3. Crying Lightning 4. Do I Wanna Know? 5. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? 6. 505 7. One Point Perspective 8. Do Me A Favour 9. Cornerstone [...]