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In early November 2020, the singer teamed up with the choir she was a member of as a teenager to unveil new versions of her tracks “Cosmogony”, “Sonnets” and others. “Cosmogony” originally appeared on Björk’s 2011 Biophilia album, and this alternate a cappella rendition was conceived more recently during Björk’s “Cornucopia Tour” with the Hamrahlid [...]

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Tracklist Wanted 2 Say Wanted 2 Say (Gervisykur Remix) Wanted 2 Say (Instrumental)

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Fufanu - Sports

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Tracklist London Island Dusting For Smoke Depth Wish Searing Light, Forward Motion Infinite Future After The Fire Into The Arms Of Stillness Fuzzwar Pure Life A Story In E5 One More Morning

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Tracklist Loom Woven Song Spiral Still / Sound Back To The Sky Zero New Grass The Bottom Line We Contain Multitudes Undone

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Tracklist 1. Strange Timez 2. The Valley Of The Pagans 3. The Lost Chord 4. Pac-Man 5. Chalk Tablet Towers 6. The Pink Phantom 7. Aries 8. Friday 13th 9. Dead Butterflies 10. Désolé 11. Momentary Bliss

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180 Gram Vinyl   Tracklist A 1. One More Sip 2. Many Moods At Midnight 3. Trouble + Me 4. (We’re) Dominoes 5. Freakshow 6. Dopamine If I Do B 1. Live>Leave 2. Karoshi 3. Blind As A Bat… 4. Immigrant Boogie 5. Woe Is Meee 6. End Times

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Tracklist A 1. K. 2. Each Time You Fall In Love 3. Sunsetz 4. Apocalypse 5. Flash B 1. Sweet 2. Opera House 3. Truly 4. John Wayne 5. Young & Dumb

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A beautiful debut by bassist Ingibjörg Elsa Turchi (Rökkurró, Ylja, Boogie Trouble) is an ethereal collage of jazz, minimalism and experimentalism.  Features members of ADHD, Grísalappalísa, amiina, Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band and more.  One of 2020 best albums. Tracklist A1. Twin A2. Stripdown A3. Light and Shadow A4. Siroi B1. Elefþería B2. Hylur B3. [...]

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Tracklist A1 Simulation A2 Kingdom Of Ends B1 Something More B2 Shellfish Mademoiselle B3 Incapable C1 We Got Together C2 Murphy’s Law C3 Game Changer D1 Narcissus D2 Jealousy

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Caterina Barbieri’s debut for Editions Mego. “Caterina has folded her sonic universe in on itself once again, delivering a series of tracks that break new ground individually while flowing seamlessly as a whole.” – Pitchfork Tracklist Fantas Spine Of Desire Closest Approach To Your Orbit Arrows Of Time Pinnacles Of You Bow Of Perception  

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Tangerine Dream - Phaedra 2LP

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Tracklist A1. Líf Ertu Að Grínast A2. Sama Sagan A3. Er Of Seint Að Fá Sér Kaffi Núna? A4. Sjúk í Sól A5. Ölkærastan A6. Abbadís B1. Prins Drjóló B2. Læda Slæda B3. Dúllur B4. Sandalar B5. Raddir Efans

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Tracklist A1. LSMLÍ A2. Bleik ský A3. Fuglar 2:50 A4. Skammdegi A5. Feika brosið B1. Honný B2. Hvað er að B3. Augu B4. Fyrsta ástin

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Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas are a space disco duo from heaven. Tracklist Cisco Rothaus For Ett Slikk Og Ingenting Rett På Skal Vi Prøve Nå? Gudene Vet + Snutt Note I Love You + 100 Flue På Veggen