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Words by Stína Satanía The review was originally printed in Reykjavík On Stage (Issue 4) Since 2003, the Reykjavík-based English–Icelandic musician, producer and singer-songwriter Joseph Cosmo Muscat has funnelled his music through different aesthetics, and now has had several projects under his belt, from metal (Celestine, formed in 2007) to hardcore punk (I Adapt), from [...]

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Bel-Air Glamour Records is a new label created by Icelandic artist and musican Ragnar Kyartansson in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory which will feature some of the most innovative music coming out of Rekyavik and beyond. The first release is an album of “ritualistic ambient music” by Kristín Anna, the much celebrated ex-singer from múm, [...]

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Tracklist A1. Klikk 2002 A2. Important Call From The Agent B1. Alltaf Eins B2. Womanizer C1. Air Cut Mr. Bahm C2. Dimm Gata D1. Too Many Polygon Sheep (New Cut) D2. Fitzroy Mews D3. Phaze Down

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Tracklist 1. Amazon War 2. Benjamite Bloodline 3. City 4. Sister 5. Violence 6. Runaway Train 7. Fearless 8. Sudden Stop 9. Devil In Me 10. Lust 11. Virgin 12. Traveling Blind

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Tracklist A1. Cryptid A2. Frostbite A3. Time To Suffer B1. Adrift B2. Captive C1. Midnight Champion C2. Scars C3. Liquid Rust D1. Gravestone D2. Children Of The Elements

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Edition of 10,000, in sealed fold-out wide-spined sleeve, with five inner card sleeves, holding two paper vinyl covers with the CD and DVD affixed to the middle of each

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Edition of 10,000, in sealed fold-out wide-spined sleeve

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Limited Edition Series Of 10,000