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Tracklist Midnight Marauders Tour Guide 0:45 Steve Biko (Stir It Up) 3:11 Award Tour 3:46 8 Million Stories 4:21 Sucka Nigga 4:05 Midnight 4:25 We Can Get Down 4:19 Electric Relaxation 4:04 Clap Your Hands 3:16 Oh My God 3:29 Keep It Rollin’ 3:05 The Chase, Part II 4:02 Lyrics To Go 4:09 God Lives [...]

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4599 kr

Tracklist Side A A1. The Space Program A2. We The People…. A3. Whateva Will Be A4. Solid Wall Of Sound A5. Dis Generation A6. Kids… A7. Melatonin A8. Enough!! Side B B1. Mobius B2. Black Spasmodic B3. The Killing Season B4. Lost Somebody B5. Movin Backwards B6. Conrad Tokyo B7. Ego B8. The Donald