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Best album of the year 2021 according to Rolling Stone Magazine

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Two versions of Nirvana's Unplugged in New York, 25th Anniversary edition features five songs from rehearsal

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Tracklist A1. Southern Point A2. Two Weeks A3. All We Ask B1. Fine For Now B2. Cheerleader B3. Dory C1. Ready, Able C2. About Face C3. Hold Still D1. While You Wait For The Others D2. I Live With You D3. Foreground

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Tracklist 1. Root 2. Veerle 3. Curry & Cannabis 4. Onthology & Booze 5. Life & Dream 1. Annat 2. Fast 3. Watch Time 4. Streetlamps Never Tire 5. 49 Goodbyes

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Danimal 1. Such A Shame 2. People Like Me 3. Twice As Hollow 4. Rosemary Bara Heiða 1. I Got Your Back 2. Þynnkubús 3. Þáþrá 4. Storm Trooper

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19 is the debut studio album by English singer-songwriter Adele released on 28 January 2008, by XL Recordings

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Echoes is the 4th studio record by Icelandic rock band NOISE