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Two versions of Nirvana's Unplugged in New York, 25th Anniversary edition features five songs from rehearsal

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A1 Smells Like Teen Spirit A2 In Bloom A3 Come As You Are A4 Breed A5 Lithium A6 Polly B1 Territorial Pissings B2 Drain You B3 Lounge Act B4 Stay Away B5 On A Plain B6 Something In The Way  

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Tracklist A1. Skweetis A2. Queen A3. Sweet Willy Rollbar A4. Revolve A5. Goose Freight Train A6. Roadbull A7. At The Stake B1. Magic Pig Detective B2. Shevil B3. June Bug B4. Lividity

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Black and Red Swirl Vinyl Tracklist A1. Grease Box A2. Throat Locust A3. Leafy Incline A4. Luminol A5. Ulcer B1. Lycanthrope B2. Just Bought The Farm B3. Rotor B4. Paregoric B5. Pansy B6. Gouge

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Tracklist 1. Meira suð! 2. Á flótta 3. Plastgea 4. Þrælakistan / Fálma 5. Í jafnvægi 6. Suð 7. Við vorum vofur 8. Stundum 9. Hugarþel 10. Farg 11. Í tímaþröng 12. Erich

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Tracklist A1. Bundle Of Hiss – Wench A2. Starfish (5) – Run Around A3. Thrillhammer – Bleed A4. Chemistry Set – Fields B1. My Name – Voice Of A Generation Gap B2. Small Stars – It’s Getting Late B3. Shug (3) – Am Fm C1. Treehouse (2) – Debbie Had A Dream C2. My Name [...]

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Tracklist A1. Starfish (5) – This Town A2. Vampire Lezbos – Stop Killing The Seals A3. Nubbin (2) – Windyyy A4. Saucer (3) – Jail Ain’t Stoppin’ Us B1. Machine (5) – Blind Man’ Holiday B2. Medelicious – Beverly B3. Hitting Birth – Same 18 B4. Nubbin (2) – Wonderama C1. Crunchbird – Woodstock Unvisited [...]