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Ásgeir presents the EP, ‘The Sky Is Painted Gray Today’. Four tracks encompasses his signature emotive delivery, delicate yet expansive folk

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Debut solo album by American singer-songwriter John Grant featuring all members of Midlake

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Tracklist 1. Boy From Michigan 2. County Fair 3. The Rusty Bull 4. The Cruise Room 5. Mike and Julie 6. Best In Me 7. Rhetorical Figure 8. Just So You Know 9. Dandy Star 10. Your Portfolio 11. The Only Baby 12. Billy

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2 X CD Tracklist It Doesn’t Matter To Him Sigourney Weaver Vietnam Marz Fireflies Where Dreams Go To Die Caramel Glacier T C & Honeybear It’s Easier GMF Pale Green Ghosts Outer Space You Don’t Have To Drug Queen Of Denmark

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GusGus’ 8th studio album features both great songs and also great guests such as Vök’s Margrét Rán and John Grant

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John Grant - Love Is Magic 2LP

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John Grant - Grey Tickles, Black Pressure

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The Czars - Best of The Czars