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Icelandic guitar trio numero uno is actually 1/3 Canadian, this Theory Of Everything seven inch single features a stellar take on Þeyr's classic "Rúdólf"

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Possibly Iceland's best album made with guitars

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kimono's debut album is a very laid-back record considering what the band would later become. Features the great "Japanese Policeman" and cover artwork by Hugleikur Dagsson

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Kimono's third and most cohesive studio album, if you are looking for top notch guitar oriented alternative rock then stop looking

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Tracklist 1. Embrace 2. I Thought, I Thought 3. Aeroplanes 4. Sweat 5. Rock Star Suicide 6. Crop Circles 7. All Night Long 8. This Place is the Answer to a Question I’m Not Asking 9. Pornography for the Socially Aware 10. We Woke Up