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2599 kr

DJ Margeir and President Bongo meet Jaw and Sísý Ey (of Systur fame) for a lusciously great club feast

3999 kr

Sveinbjörn Bjarki Jónsson and President Bongo (GusGus) make dark ambient techno inspired by the mysterious Ghost Army troops, limited to 300 and comes with a free CD

2799 kr

Gluteus Maximus' "Everlasting" is a eight minute minimal tech house sensation featuring vocals by Högni Egilsson and three smashing remixes

5999 kr

A score to the Icelandic road movie “Á annan veg” by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson by President Bongo, formerly of GusGus

4999 kr

Uwaga are Þorsteinn Einarsson & President Bongo, limited edition of 180 individually hand-numbered copies

2499 kr

ADSR are made up with Davíð Þór Jónsson (AdHd, Ragnar Kjartansson), Högni Egilsson (Hjaltalín) and President Bongo (GusGus) and Tempest is their only release

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In spring 2015 President Bongo left GusGus to concentrate on his own solo career and released the project “Serengeti” via Albumlabel and Radio Bongo