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Björk's 10th studio album 'fossora' is released on September 30th and features a broad section of Icelandic and international players and singers, including her two children Sindri and Dóa

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Sindri Eldon's debut full length is an album set to lighten the mood of even the darkest winter night, With its captivating sense of melody, its inventive arrangements

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Debut album by Icelandic scuzz rockers Slugs released on Smekkleysa in 2008, features Sindri Eldon on vocals and Teitur Magnússon on bass

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Tracklist 1. Down In Copernicus 2. Little Odyssey 3. Back To The All Alone 4. You Don’t Got It 5. Road Not Taken

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The sophomore and the last album by the noisy scuzz punks Slugs via Lady Boy Records in Reykjavík, features Sindri Eldon and Teitur Magnússon