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Tracklist A1. Skweetis A2. Queen A3. Sweet Willy Rollbar A4. Revolve A5. Goose Freight Train A6. Roadbull A7. At The Stake B1. Magic Pig Detective B2. Shevil B3. June Bug B4. Lividity

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Tracklist   A1. Blood and Thuder A2. Seabeast A3. Iron Tusk A4. Megalodon A5. Naked Burn A6. Aqua Dementia   B1. I Am Ahab B2. Island B3. Hearts Alive B4. Joseph Merrick

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Tracklist 1. Hypnopolis Never-Ending 2. Bum A Smoke/Trash A Car 3. Dracoola 4. Hannigan’s Mannequin 5. Holographic Capsules 6. Sparkling Void 7. 1064° 8. Dreams Of Osaka

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Tracklist A1. Futureless A2. Death Has Been Consumed A3. Brumal Sleep A4. Everynone (Only Murder Walks Us Home) A5. Dead Days Run Amuck A6. Low Mammon B1. Nigh(t) B2. Dream Too Far B3. Swan Song City C1. The Deepest Alone C2. World Coda D1. Untitled