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Record Store Day Exclusive 7". Two songs made famous by Jerry Jeff Walker and comes in a Steve Earle hand-drawn cover

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Townes is the 13th studio album by alternative country singer Steve Earle, released in 2009. Limited Gold Vinyl

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Tracklist A1 I Don’t Care A2 Ain’t Glad I’m Leaving A3 Maria A4 Far Away In Another Town A5 They Killed John Henry A6 Turn Out My Lights B1 Lone Pine Hill B2 Champagne Corolla B3 The Saint Of Lost Causes B4 Harlem River Blues B5 Last Words

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Tracklist   A1. Heaven Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere A2. Union, God and Country A3. Devil Put the Coal in the Ground A4. John Henry Was A Steel Drivin’ Man A5. Time is Never On Our Side   B1. It’s About Blood B2. If I Could See Your Face Again B3. Black Lung B4. Fastest Man Alive [...]