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Limited Anniversary Edition. Record Store Day Exclusive, Silver Double Vinyl Tracklist A1. The Black Regent A2. Planet Munich A3. Nevermind B1. We Are Add N To X B2. Murmur One B3. Sound Of Accelerating Concrete B4. Gentle Germans C1. King Wasp C2. Orgy Of Bubastus C3. Grey Body, Green Gun D1. On The Wires Of [...]

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Tracklist Japanese Edition A1. Boku No Kakera = ぼくのかけら A2. Saru To Yuki To Gomi No Kodo = サルとユキとゴミのこども A3. Kacha Kucha Nee = かちゃくちゃねぇ A4. The Garden Of Poppies A5. Relâché A6. Tell ‘Em To Me A7. Living In The Dark A8. Slat Dance A9. Venezia A10. Saru No Ie = サルの家 Instrumental Mix [...]

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Contemporary disco and futuristic boogie by Special-K and Farao

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Tracklist 1. Einn Eftir 2. It’s Gonna Hurt You 3. Delusional 4. White Knight 1. Great Woman 2. Love Games 3. DDDI 4. Sleepy

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Tracklist Tookah Caterpillar Autumn Sun Home Elísabet Animal Games Speed Of Dark Blood Red When Fever Breaks

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Tracklist 1. All My Power 2. Follow Me 3. Enjoy 4. Up All Night 5. Agent 6. You’re So Pretty 1. Streamers 2. Leave A Mark 3. Fearless Youth 4. Strobe 5. The Game

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Tracklist 1. Army Of Them 2. Electron John 3. The Pop Catastrophe 4. You’re Too Late Satan 5. My Left Red Eye 6. Optimistic 7. Infected By Nature 8. Trip Over A B 9. This Time 10. Synthia 11. Push Play

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Tracklist 1. In The Dark 2. Autopilot 3. Night & Day 4. Scarcity 5. Spend The Love 6. Round Two 7. No Direction 8. Erase You 9. Rooftop Views 10. Fantasia 11. Out Of The Dark

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Tracklist A1. Holidays A2. Blue Hawaii A3. Losers Can Win A4. Everybody`s Got Their Own Way A5. Come And Stay B1. Radio B2. Get Me B3. Le Président B4. Bad Weather B5. Demeter

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Tracklist 1. Amazon War 2. Benjamite Bloodline 3. City 4. Sister 5. Violence 6. Runaway Train 7. Fearless 8. Sudden Stop 9. Devil In Me 10. Lust 11. Virgin 12. Traveling Blind