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Tracklist 1. Shadow Of A Rose 2. Dancing With Daggers 3. Nowhere Street 4. Raking Dust 1. Somber Air 2. King Of Beggars 3. Waltzing Ghost 4. End Of The Light

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Tracklist A1. Funky Fungus A2. House Of Lithuania A3. Split In Two A4. The Liking Vortex A5. Sun Song A6. Út ert þú við eyjar blár A7. Sage A8. Butterfly Blues B1. Most Of The Cosmos Is Compost B2. Göngutúr B3. Hush-Hush B4. Goddess Of Smog B5. Coughing To My Coffin B6. W.A.I.D.W.M.L?

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Words by Stína Satanía The review was originally printed in Reykjavík On Stage (Issue 4) Since 2003, the Reykjavík-based English–Icelandic musician, producer and singer-songwriter Joseph Cosmo Muscat has funnelled his music through different aesthetics, and now has had several projects under his belt, from metal (Celestine, formed in 2007) to hardcore punk (I Adapt), from [...]