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Stereolab - Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Edition)

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Sudden Weather Change’s debut remastered and released for the first time on vinyl.  Originally released by Kimi Records as Stop! Handgrenade in the Name of Crib Death ‘nderstand? and most commonly known as Shit No CD! This is landmark piece of Icelandic indie rock of the 2010s. Tracklist A1 Kilgore Trout III A2 Facilitate Access A3 Beatlemania [...]

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Big Thief - U.F.O.F. LP

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Angel Olsen’s fourth studio album and her third for Jagjaguwar.  We the people of Smekkleysa say it is her absolute best. Tracklist A1 Lark A2 All Mirrors B1 Too Easy B2 New Love Cassette B3 Spring C1 What It Is C2 Impasse C3 Tonight D1 Summer D2 Endgame D3 Chance

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Júníus Meyvant’s Rearview Paradise on limited blue vinyl. Tracklist 1. Ain’t Gonna Let You Drown 2. Under Violent Snow 3. Cherries Underground 4. Touch Of My Religion 5. Carry On With Me (Alternative version)

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Arcade Fire - Reflektor LP

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Clairo - Immunity LP

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The Murder Capital ‎– Live From London: The Dome. Tufnell Park

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Morrissey ‎– Honey, You Know Where To Find Me 10"

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Tracklist A1. LSMLÍ A2. Bleik ský A3. Fuglar 2:50 A4. Skammdegi A5. Feika brosið B1. Honný B2. Hvað er að B3. Augu B4. Fyrsta ástin

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Tracklist A1. Chestmark A2. Year Of The Rose A3. Baronesse A4. Destiny’s Curtain Call B1. Waterfall B2. Stolen Car B3. Wolf’s Cry C1. Love From ’99 C2. Row C3. Don’t Go Too Far D1. Needles And Pins D2. Night Theme D3. Mad Lady Of Lizard Skin