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A limited 2021 reproduction of Death's classic and possibly best album

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"Custom Butterfly with Splatter Edition"

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Tracklist A1. Skweetis A2. Queen A3. Sweet Willy Rollbar A4. Revolve A5. Goose Freight Train A6. Roadbull A7. At The Stake B1. Magic Pig Detective B2. Shevil B3. June Bug B4. Lividity

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Red and Black Splatter 180g Vinyl. Tracklist A1. We Gotta Know A2. World Peace A3. Show You No Mercy A4. Malfunction A5. Street Justice A6. Survival Of The Streets A7. Seekers Of The Truth B1. It’s The Limit B2. Hard Times B3. By Myself B4. Don’t Tread On Me B5. Face The Facts B6. Do [...]

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2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Repress, Stereo, Green Aztakea, Gatefold

2021 RSD first drop

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"Kurt Cobain Co-Produced" Melvins' major label debut, re-isssued on 180 gram vinyl by Third Man Records. Includes a cover of MC5's Rocket "Reducer #62" which is not on original

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Tracklist A1 The Sciences 3:04 A2 Marijuanaut’s Theme 6:40 B Sonic Titan 12:26 C Antarcticans Thawed 14:23 D1 Giza Butler 10:03 D2 The Botanist 6:27

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Tracklist A1From The Kettle Onto The Coil A2Daedalus B1Vertigo B2Language Games C1Glint C2Baby Blue D1The Pecan Tree D2 Dream House

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Tracklist 1. Under Pregnant Skies She Comes Alive Like Miss Leviathan 2. Dirge Inferno 3. Tonight In Flames 4. Libertina Grimm 5. The Byronic Man 6. I Am The Thorn 7. Cemetery And Sundown 8. Lovesick For Mina 9. The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking 10. Rise Of The Pentagram 11. Under Huntress Moon [...]

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Tracklist 1. Born For One Thing 2. Amazonia 3. Another World 4. Hold On 5. New Found 6. Fortitude 7. The Chant 8. Sphinx 9. Into The Storm 10. The Trails 11. Grind

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Obituary's 3rd studio album on red translucent vinyl, a 2021 reissue

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Heavy Vinyl 180g, includes album on CD. Tracklist A1. Overture 2149 A2. Decypher A3. Death Technology A4. Prospect Of Immortality A5. Transcendence B1. Perpetual Motion B2. Conjuring The Egoist B3. Game Of Souls B4. Mindscape B5. Flux Divergence

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Tracklist 1. Redefine 2. Vitamin 3. New Skin 4. Idiot Box 5. Glass 6. Magic Medicine 7. A Certain Shade Of Green 8. Favorite Things 9. Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) 10. Nebula 11. Deep Inside 12.1 Calgone 12.2 (silence) 12.3 Jose Loves Kate Moss, Part 1

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Tracklist 1. Become To Fuse 2. Not My Master 3. Between Hell And A Heartbeat 4. In Ashes They Shall Reap 5. Hands Of Dying Man 6. Everyone Bleeds Now 7. No Halos For The Heartless 8. Through The Thorns 9. Every Lasting Scar 10. As Damaged As Me 11. Words Become Untruth 12. Undiminished [...]

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Tracklist 1. Pierced 2. The Living End 3. Poisoned Chalice 4. After Us The Flood 5. Enter The Martyrs 6. The Demon’s Lair 7. Arsenic Dreams 8. Strychnine 9. The Blade 10. Leave It All Behind 11. Destroy/Adore

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Tracklist Vinum Sabbathi 3:06 Funeralopolis 8:43 Weird Tales (15:05) Barbarian 6:29 I, The Witchfinder 11:04 The Hills Have Eyes 0:47 We Hate You 5:09 Dopethrone 10:25 (no audio) 9:27 Untitled 0:55