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Digipak and double gatefold vinyl.

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A transparent 12” vinyl record with hair from Chromo Sapiens pressed inside the vinyl. Each record has been pressed manually and every copy has its own unique hair pattern.

The record contains the exclusive “Chromo Sapiens Anthem” by Icelandic band HAM, 3 stereo versions of each cave soundscape and an interview between Shoplifter and Alanna Heiss. The all white catalogue and LP cover features glow in the dark graphics and a white mohawk.

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Tracklist 1. Mannshjörtu 2. Amma 3. Freyja 4. Fótfesta 5. Bláa blómið 6. Sléttuúlfur 7. Alltumkring 8. Móðuraflið 9. Töfrabörn

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Tracklist A1 Los Campeones De La Gente A2 Combo Macondo A3 Primo A4 Interlude B1 Mamaou B2 Memento Vivere B3 At The End Of The Day B4 Are You Here?

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Award winning debut album by Icelandic theremin maestra Hekla.

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1. Lucifer/He Felt Like a Woman 2. Forever Someone Else 3. I Feel You 4. Crack in a Stone 5. On the Peninsula 6. Letter to […] 7. Myself 8. We 9. Ethereal

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Sveinsson’s music summons a hushed awe that makes for a mesmerizing listen on its own

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Sigur Rós – Ágætis Byrjun 2LP (20th Anniversary Edition)

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Sigur Rós ‎– Kveikur

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Tracklist 1. tonight 2. driving hours 3. tourist 4. december traffic 5. blood 6. fall asleep 7. still awake 8. indefinite 9. how can I 10. haunted 11. fireworks 12. you stay by the sea

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GusGus’ 8th studio album features both great songs and also great guests such as Vök’s Margrét Rán and John Grant

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Tracklist Herðubreið Mosó Heimur Horfir Á Búagott Bjarga Þér Aukalíf Táradalur Treystu mér Steinefni Heyr Höfuðgafl Óttalaus

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Paunkholm - Paunkholm LP

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A holiday album that people look forward to listen to during the month of December. Several classic Christmas songs, performed in a laid-back, acoustic jazz feel