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Hljómar was released in November 1967, now available on limited cream colored vinyl

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Ísbjarnarblús was the debut solo record released by Icelandic songwriter Bubbi Morthens. The album was released on June 17.

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Kona - Bubbi Morthens Released June 6, 1986

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Debut studio full length Icelandic jazz drummer Óskar Kjartansson with his fierce and playful backing band

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Vivid imagery colors deeply personal writing across the whole debut EP by this highly talented young Icelandic singer-songwriter

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The One Little Independent version of Ásgeir's third studio album from 2020

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Sophomore album by the young Icelandic neo classical composer Gabríel Ólafs and his first one for a major label

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Kælan mikla's fourth and most cohesive studio album to date, on blue vinyl via Artofact Records

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A new 2022 pressing of Seabear's debut album and possibly their best on black vinyl via Morr Music

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Arabian Horse is the eighth studio album by GusGus, released in 2011

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Mexico is the ninth studio album by the Icelandic electronic musicians GusGus following successful album Arabian Horse

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Debut album by the gloomy and ethereal post-folk outfit Á Geigsgötum from the Northern Capital of Iceland on vinyl

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Andi's sophomore album and his first one on vinyl, one of the most groovy and catchy electronic album of recent years in Iceland