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This is the third album of Icelandic post-black metal band. For friends of intelligent dark music on transparent blue vinyl

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A 2019 reissue of Maus' fourth studio album on vinyl for the first time via Alda Music

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Kaleo's sophomore album, released in Iceland by Alda Music features the hits "All The Pretty Girls" and "Vor í Vaglaskógi"

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The warm and comforting debut album by Moses Hightower keyboardist/singer Steingrímur and the entrancing Silva Þórðardóttir

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The full-length by TRPTYCH from Iceland, gatefold vinyl

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Sixth album by the Icelandic atmospheric heavy metal band Sólstafir. It was released on May 26, 2017

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Third album by icelandic black metal powerhouse Auðn

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Debut album by Moses Hightower is an excellent mixture of Scandinavian funk, jazz and soulful pop featuring members of ADHD, amiina, Of Monsters and Men etc.

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Sophomore album Icelandic tropicalia yacht monsters Moses Hightower features guests from ADHD, Hjaltalín and Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band

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10th year anniversary of one of Iceland's most successful and popular bands ever. Features many of their memorable tracks, including "Dirty Paws" and "Little Talks"

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7th album by the Icelandic post-metal band Sólstafir. It was released on November 6, 2020 through the record label Season of Mist

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Debut album by Icelandic blue rock heroes Kaleo features originals and a couple of traditional Icelandic pop classics

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The unique industrial electronica of Reykjavik based composer and producer IDK IDA was already evident on her debut THE BUG

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The devoted sons of Akranes are here with their first vinyl album chock full of fierce Icelandic hardcore punk

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First release by Mæðraveldið (e. Matriarchy) featuring Þórunn Erna Clausen and the father of Icelandic hip hop, Sesar A

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A1. Burn The Witch A2. Don Ivi A3. Fire In The Hole A4. Glory Days A5. Featherpants B1. Perfect Way To Go B2. We Hate You B3. Siddhartha B4. Hail B5. Heretic